Thursday, May 19, 2005

American Idol and Other Thoughts

So, Vonzie got kicked off last night, and I'm a bit sad about that but I have to tell you that my love for The Vonz became overshadowed by my new found love for The Bo. He was so awesome on Tuesday that 1.) I actually got teary-eyed during his acappella performance and 2.) I voted. That's right. For all you Bo-lovin' peeps out there, rest assured that I rose to the occasion, and spent a good 10 minutes text messaging VOTE 5702 VOTE 5702 VOTE 5702 over and over again. Now we'll just have to wait until I get my wireless bill to see how much that cost me. Cingular did kindly send me a text message informing me of how I could chat with other AI fans. Uh...How about no?

Oh - other AI news. I think I saw Jessica Sierra the other day. Anyone remember her? She was prettier and thinner in person than on stage. Interesting. So I guess that whole camera adds ten lbs thing is true.

Let's see. What else? Pig found a patch of apparently wonderful smelling grass on the side of the street yesterday and spent five minutes manically rolling around in it. Girl would not get up, and it was rather embarassing. Of course, I'm just glad there wasn't any dog shit on this patch of grass - at least none that I could see.

So Max and I have decided Sunday will be the offical move in day. That's right. We've been talking about it forever, and decided a few weeks ago that it was definitely going to happen. No more of this two apartment stuff. Now we'll both be jammed in my place. We're splitting the rent - which means bring out the Dom Perignon and party at Bloomingdale's this weekend, whoo hoo!!! No, not really. More like party in my IRA account. No, not really. More like pathetic searching through used furniture listings on Craigslist for a dresser, bookcase, and a desk. We're going to have to do some reorganizing to make everything fit. And shoes - good lord, where do people put their shoes??? He has about ten pairs, and I have nearly thirty so there are shoes everywhere now in the apartment. It seems like everytime I turn around, they've spawned and there's suddenly a little village of shoes in the middle of the room.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on moving in, guys!

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

andy always says, um, muffin, i love you. i'm gonna put some of your shoes in the closet, k? He's so funny. Looks like me you and kate are all living in sin. elliot is the only one of us who has bothered (can afford?) to make herself an honest woman.... Andy makes this high piched gulping sound anytime people talk about "honest" women, or other wedding/ grown up things. Sort of funny, sort of scarry. Congrats though!!

3:18 PM  
Blogger Sareet said...

Aww you guys are sweet but no need for the congrats. We've pretty much lived together for a while now - we finally realized that paying all that money for him to have an "office" to go to twice a month seemed kind of silly. Today, when we were talking about how he had clean up the bathroom tub to get his security down payment back, he reflected he hadn't taken a shower there in months!

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Lala said...

Max has 10 pairs of shoes? I think that's almost impressive. I don't know if Marco does, but if so, at least 5 of them are old ruined shoes that just haven't been thrown out.
Yay! I'm so happy you're moving in together.

4:03 AM  
Blogger kate g said...

let m e offer congratulations and condolences. living in one house is hard. esp the beginning. i love rick more than anything and would never live with anyone else. but oh my goodness. ...the shoes, the clothes everywhere, the shoes, the random bottles left in the kitchen, empty, on the counter, not in the recycling... the shoes, it's crazy. and it was hard for me. but it's worth it too. i am glad for you :)

6:04 AM  
Blogger ElliottPreciousPants said...

Woohoo! Congratulations! Even though you say it's no big deal because you've basically already been doing it--it's still a big deal.

And don't go assuming too much about me being an honest woman--I lived in sin for quite a while before he made an honest woman of me:). Although it's funny....it's so easy to be a 'sinner' BEFORE you get married--because after you get married, it's all good--no more sinning. haha. Those of you who are catholic know what I mean.

8:15 AM  
Blogger Sareet said...

Aww, you guys are nice but you're also kind of scaring me. It *REALLY* isn't a big deal. It's really just a practical thing...

Anyway - kate g - I can tell you that I too have experienced the empty can on the counter, not in the recyling bin, at least twice a day. Why is that? I don't get what happens...I don't get why the counter is significantly easier than the recycling bin...

And for the record, Max actually has 8 pairs of shoes, all in fairly decent condition, so I was exaggerating a bit. When I first started dating him, he only had like four pairs, and only wore two - his doc martens and the sneakers. So I feel like my love for shoes has sort of rubbed off on him. Now for where to put them all!!!

9:00 AM  
Blogger ElliottPreciousPants said...

oh, geez, woman, don't be scared--there's nothing to be scared about! In fact it's going to be great! You are both going to save money, and he will be around to kill EVERY spider (or catch every mouse) that you ever have. It's going to be fabulous, really. OK so men can be a little messy and we don't understand why (Kevin once put some marinade on some chicken, put the chicken in the fridge, and then left the marinade bottle open, half full, and on the countertop. I found it the next morning when I woke up) but think of it this way--shared housework, too. Yeah!

Not to mention, it's NOT going to be much different, except that you'll have more stuff. Pig will like it too.

Don't worry, it's going to be great.

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's funny what happens when I do not check your blog daily. I missed all the excitements. Congratualions!!!!

10:02 AM  
Blogger Sareet said...

Thanks Anonymous...not quite sure who you are, but thanks!!

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ps- i can't believe i'm commenting about vonzell, but GOOD RIDDANCE!!! Boring ol' whitney wanna be! She has a great voice, but it seems so ordinary... bo and carie are much more fun. I promise to never write about idol again.

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Terrapin said...

Sareet, I have been engaged to defend Max the Great against the malicious statements you have made with regards to his stock of footwear. It is well known that Max has only two pair of shoes that do not emit such offensive, odiferous odors that they can be considered wearable. We must demand an immediate correction to the outlandish assertions made in this public forum!!!!

4:19 PM  
Blogger Sareet said...

Ahh Terrapin, you won't be getting a retraction from me. It's true. After being dragged on countless shopping expeditions with me the past four years, he has accumulated a small collection. Itemized as follows:

1 pair casual fake-sneaker(black)
1 pair Doc Martens (black)
1 pair "dress-up" (black)
1 pair "bowling" style (black)
1 pair sneakers (black)
1 pair sandals (black)
1 pair slipper type shoes (black)
1 pair sneakers (grey - had to be talked out of buying the black ones)

Once, he bought three pairs at once.

5:43 PM  

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