Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Sun Will Come Out...

In a much better mood now. While composing a rather angry and forceful e-mail to one of my bosses, I got called in and all is well again. Am not getting screwed. Yay!

Also, had to go to the root canal doctor today but it turns out I don't need root canal treatment after all. Whoo hoo!

Am looking forward to the weekend. First, dinner at Andrea's Friday night with Kate and Jessie. I am bringing green bean casserole and a girly drink surprise which will offend everyone but I will love. It comes in a hot pink metallicky box with swirly letters. Makes me think "Barbie." Yes. Love. it.

Afterwards, maybe will propose going to a dance club, if the ladies feel like shaking their asses. There may be a group going to Firecracker, which we could meet up with, as it's very close to Andrea's.

Saturday morning Michigan plays Ohio State. I have deftly dodged having people over for this big game so the party will be at Amol's this year. Should be a good game, followed by bbq and hot tubbing. Am a bit nervous about daytime hot tubbing. Usually the hot tubbing takes place at night, and I could have a 4 inch handlebar mustache on my face and no one would notice in the dark, but in the glory of the day light, I fear my avoidance of the gym will be unfortunately very noticeable.

Saturday night - two words. No, make that three. HARRY F*CKING POTTER!!!! So so excited about seeing Goblet of Fire. Last year, after seeing Prisoner of Azkaban, I came home to find that Max had bought me a gigantic big tv!! I am crossing my fingers and hoping that Pig will surprise me with something equally as fantastic this year!!!


Blogger Thode said...

1. I will see you at Firecracker. Wear your falsies (eyelashes that is).
2. While I don't sport a 4-inch handlebar, I once did have about 4 centimeters of stubble and the boys were none the wiser. I wouldn't sweat it.
3. Yes, I'm blogging post-poker. I can't sleep right away ok?

11:49 PM  
Blogger Sareet said...

Ah yes. The falsies. Making a comeback. This weekend.

11:09 AM  
Blogger LypstykGirl said...

HARRY POTTER! It would be impossible for me to be any more excited! Eeek!

1:35 PM  

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