Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pig & The Doggie Dentist

So I've made an appointment for Pig to go to the dentist. I've always been worried about her front teeth - the four bottom front center teeth are all broken in half and I *think* I can see the pulp/root of them all. The vet has told me that if she doesn't show signs of pain, she's probably fine, but lately I've noticed her licking her teeth a lot so she's off to the doggie dentist tomorrow morning.

The doggie dentist is in Beverly Hills, which is probably the first sign that it'll cost me an arm and a leg before this is all over. I'm hoping he'll tell me she's fine, and to just put some Anbesol on her teeth, but I have feeling he's going to suggest putting on crowns.

If he does, I'm going to tell him to put on gold crowns. I'd like to see Pig with crunk teeth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

pig with crunk teeth rules.

3:28 PM  

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