Wednesday, November 23, 2005


So on Monday night Amol and I made plans to take a class at the gym last night. We decided that we would not allow any exceptions, excuses, circumstances in which we could get out of going to the class, since last time, our one exception was if there was a poker game, and then I went about organizing a poker game so obviously, I'll go to great lengths to avoid going to the gym. Amol did mention nonchalantly that he would let me bail if I had a date with George Clooney but that was it.

I spent all day yesterday looking for George Clooney but to no avail. Where is that man? Must be hanging out with Matthew McConaughey who I have not been able to find either.

We also decided that if either of us bailed on the class, we'd have to show up in our bathing suits the next time we hung out. Be that at a movie theater, at a karaoke place, or even at Red Rock. We figured if anything could get us to the gym, it'd be the fear of humiliation.

So lo and behold, I went to the gym! And it was fun. We went to the weight lifting class. I'm not sure Amol really enjoyed it, but he did say he'd go again. And then afterwards, I negated all the calories I burned off by eating the two-piece chicken and two sides meal at El Pollo Loco. Nice.

I'm hoping the office closes early today so I can go home and do the twenty loads of laundry I have stuffed in my closet and under my bed. I also have some pre-Thanksgiving things to take care of, including possibly making an apple pie. Now, my pies are some ugly looking pies, but I think they taste pretty good so I'm hoping that I can pull one off again. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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