Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hawaii Recap - Day 3 - Part 2

Well, unfortunately, I seem to have broken the cord that connects my laptop to the electrical outlet so I can't use it until it gets fixed. Which means, I can't post all my Hawaii pics. Luckily, I had uploaded most of them to my gmail account - I guess I'll just have to go back and edit when I finally get the cord fixed.

So after our shark adventure, Max and I headed to Kailua Bay, which is suppose to be very nice for kayaking. On our way, we stopped at Giovanni's Shrimp Truck, which is hot spot for locals and tourists alike. I had read many excellent reviews about this specific shrimp truck. Although we spotted several other shrimp trucks, every review I read said Giovanni's was the best. So we had to go, of course. The truck is very old and covered with graffiti. You eat on benches under a tarp. Not very fancy, but god, the shrimp was gooooooood!!

Max ordered the super spicy shrimp, and I had the shrimp scampi. Max's shrimp was ridiculously spicy! Yikes. I was glad I stuck with the scampi. I noticed an older man sitting at the next table had ordered the spicy shrimp as well. Every time I looked at him, he was a shade pinker. I told Max it was like watching steak un-cook.

I was excited to see that they also sold fresh coconuts. At last, I got to drink out of a coconut, which was, as Melissa noted earlier, kind of overrated. Coconut juice doesn't really have much taste, and is, as I learned from "Cast Away", a laxative so we were careful not to have too much.

After lunch we continued on our way to Kailua Bay. Unfortunately when we got there we discovered that it really wasn't so much a place for kayaking. Or maybe it was, but only if you had your own - they were no rental places. Oh well. Neither of us cared that much tho - we were pretty tired out from the shark adventure and being in the sun all day. So we decided to head back, relax, and get ready for dinner.

On our way back we spotted the Dole Plantation, which boasts of the world's largest maze. We stopped in for some fresh pineapple frozen yogurt and to try out the maze, which was kind of fun...but got boring after awhile. It was one of those mazes like the one in the Shining so that was cool, but the novelty wore off soon.

We had made reservations to Alan Wong's, which Gourmet Magazine rated #8 out of America's Top 50 restaurants. The place was awesome!! We had late reservations, but went there a little earlier, hoping that we might get lucky. The restaurant was hard to find, since it was located on the second floor, but it was very nice inside. Great atmosphere and ambiance. We waited for about ten minutes at the bar and then they seated us to a very nice table next to the window. It had a really pretty view of the city.

I think Max looks a bit like Ed Norton here.

Now on to the food, which was incredible!

Opihi Shooters. I was a bit nervous about these at first, since I normally don't like raw oysters, but this was so delicious. Here's the description from the menu: Local Limpet in Spicy Tomato Water, Fennel Basil Ume Shiso Essences. I think it was the ume shiso that give it this sort of plummy taste. Just really unique and tasty.

We also had "poke-pines" as an appetizer. Those were okay. It was like a tuna tartar wrapped and deep fried in a wonton crispy thing.

Max's main entree was the ahi with Thai lemongrass crust and some sort of lobster peanut sauce. Wow - really good. I've never had anything like it before.

I had the shellfish bowl - Lobster, Dungeness Crab, Scallop, Shrimp, Clams and Calamari, Roasted Garlic Smashed Potatoes, Bouillabaisse Style Broth,Chili Pepper Aioli. It was fantastic!

We were so full (they also served fresh bread rolls - I think I had about four!) so we skipped dessert. It's too bad because I had read that the desserts are really great there too. Oh well. More reason to go back again!


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