Sunday, January 04, 2009

Weekend Recap

First one of the year...

Pig is much better today. Her eyes have calmed down and she isn't really falling over unless she's trying to poop, which is understandable - that requires more balance! She's still not eating her regular dog food for breakfast. Maybe she is more nauseous in the morning? However, she did leap up when the automatic feeder went off for dinner, so I think she is well on her way to a full recovery. She still has a slight head tilt, which makes her look adorably quizzical. We're just so thankful it did turn out to be old dog vestibular syndrome, and not something worse.

I really didn't do much this weekend except stay home with Pig. Since I was home I decided to tidy up the apartment so I've basically reorganized every closet and drawer in the apartment. I can't believe how messy we've gotten over the years! And how much garbage we threw out! I still have one last closet to do, but I got tired of being so tidy so I figure that one can wait until next weekend. Max and I have an ongoing competition on who can lose the greatest body fat percentage each week (loser has to do all the chores - cleaning bathroom, cleaning kitchen, laundry, garbage and more). I've actually lost every single week since we started this back in December EXCEPT for this past week. We both gained weight over the holidays, but he gained more so he has to clean - whoo hoo!!!

Apart from tidying the apartment, I really haven't done much this weekend. I finished the third book in the Twilight series. I seriously am not a huge fan of the series, but somehow I feel compelled to just finish it. I totally find all the characters annoying and just so...stupid and naive. I guess there really isn't an inner 13 year old girl in me anymore. Just on the outside - for the love of god, how is it possible to get wrinkles AND zits??? I am friggin' 30 - shouldn't this acne phase have passed by now???

What else? I did do a little exercising. Our annual girls Vegas trip is only about a month away and there's no way I can cram myself into a little Forever 21 halter top at this moment so I'm going to have be very very good for the next 30 days or so. Yesterday I did a work out with these resistance bands my brother got me for Xmas. Most of it went well, except I messed up this one leg workout and ended up shooting myself in the ass with a large rubberband. Ouch. Today I went "hiking" at Runyon Canyon. I use "hiking" in quotation marks because it's not really hiking - I mean there is a hill, but it's not like you have to carry backpack and a can of beans to go. It was packed today, but no celebrities. I've seen Drew Barrymore, Jack Gyllenhaal, and Sarah Jessica Parker (or a really really skinny blond stripper) there before.

So now it's Sunday night. I'm watching the 21 Sinful Spots in Vegas on Travel Channel right now...sad to say I haven't been to any!!


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