Friday, May 13, 2005

It. Is. On.

Yes. It is going to happen.

I've rounded up a small posse of women to go with Pig and me to a local firestation tomorrow. I'm really glad they've all said they'll go, because something about firemen brings out the "inner" nerd in me, and renders me completely shy and mute. I morph into a 13 year old girl and big glasses, bad hair and braces suddenly grow out of my face. So please - PLEASE - someone speak up for me and explain what we're doing there, before I get us all kicked out for trying shove Pig up on a firetruck without permission.

I had to call up and see if they'll allow dogs in the "Pancake Breakfast" area, which is where we're going first. Apparently, they're serving brunch or something. I could tell the fireman who returned my call really didn't know if I could bring her. He said the food area is outside, but he didn't know how other people would feel about eating with a dog nearby. And that he wasn't so sure himself. So, our prospects didn't look so good. But then he asked what kind of dog I wanted to bring - big or small - and I answered "A Dalmatian" and stammered something about how I wanted to um, er, takesomepicsofmydalamatianwithfiremenandfiretruckstuff, he suddenly didn't see a problem with bringing her at all. :) I assured him she's very well-behaved, doesn't bark or jump up on people and is very sweet. (although I conveniently did not mention how she LOVES food and will sit and stare at someone until they feed her, which is especially embarassing when we're walking by Starbucks and outdoor dining patios)

So tonight is Bath Night for Pig. Gotta get her nice and cleaned up for her big modeling shoot. I agree with Max that she'd look better on a fire truck without her fire chief outfit, but I want a few with her in her costume anyway.

I'm going to send out awesome Christmas cards this year.


Blogger Julia said...

i think everything turned out quite nicely, considering how welcome Pig was there, despite her lack of desire to jump onto a firetruck. by the way...watching you with Pig made me think about how great of a mom you'll someday be. :)

12:41 AM  
Blogger Sareet said...

Oh thanks, but I don't think I'd be a good mom. Pig was sniffing some suspiciously dark brown/red cotton ball this morning and I had a moment of panic and wondered about doggie AIDS. I'd end up raising a bubble boy or something.

Thanks for coming with me tho! Pig & I had a great time!!!

1:45 PM  

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