Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hump Day Again

Had a fun time last night. Met up with Paul at Formosa for Happy Hour drinks (had to sacrifice the 6:30 airing of Golden Palace, but at least I caught it at 11 p.m.) and appetizers. Then we met up with Grayling AJ to see Julia and Reggie's show, which was really funny and awesome. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Nice hump day too, so far. Business lunch at Morton's Steakhouse - thank god for expense accounts. I had dreaded it somewhat, thinking that it might be unpleasant, having had a rather yucky conversation with my lunch date a few weeks earlier, but it turned out fine. As I walked into the restaurant, I reminded myself the worst that could happen is that I'd get yelled at while eating a free filet mignon steak and drinking a glass of Pellegrino, and decided, hell, that ain't too bad.

So, there will be an office pool party in about three weeks at the home/mansion of one of the owners of the company. This gives me the perfect motivation to start exercising again. Or to buy a one-piece bathing suit. The red bikini that I purchased back in the days when I still had a gym membership does not cover the unfortunate burgeoning mid-section of my body, which seems to have taken a mind of it's own and decided to expand sideways. Maybe I am carrying an alien baby. A fat alien baby. A fat, lazy alien baby that doesn't want to free itself and rip through my stomach, but would rather just lay there quietly and grow sideways. Like a mini-Jabba the Hut. Hmm..

Bored at work. Suspecting it's kind of obvious....


Blogger LypstykGirl said...

You were at Julia & Reggie's show last night? So was I! Can't believe I missed you.

It was so good! The sketches were funny - especially the video dating one - and most of the comics were great.

12:21 PM  

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