Thursday, October 26, 2006

Random Thursday Thoughts

So all day long, I've been using a red Ultra Fine Point Sharpie. It's awesome. I find it unbelievably satisfying. Just discovered it's not because of it's pretty red color, or the nice squishy yet scratchy tip, but because of the SMELL. Hmmm.... I also love the smell of rubber cement, paint, white out and sometimes, gasoline.

Also - last night I dreamt up an episode of I Love Lucy. Except it wasn't with the real ILL cast - it was like a fake episode of I Love Lucy where everyone kind of looked like the original characters, but not really. Kind of like the unauthorized tv movie with Frances Fischer as Lucy. I don't remember it very well, except there was a laugh track and it was in black and white. And something where Lucy was holding on to a leather turtle shaped thing that was hanging on the wall (like a piece of art), and then Ricky came in so she pulled the leather turtle down really quickly, tore off the legs, and then wore it around her waist like a corset, so that he wouldn't know she was up to her usual hijinks. Weird.


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