Thursday, October 19, 2006

Some Thoughts

So Tattoo Neck won. I'm annoyed. Once it became clear that there was no way Michael could win (and frankly, it was sort of clear pretty early on from the glimpses of his collection they showed), I was rooting for Uli. I'd wear every one of those dresses. Except maybe that tube top one with the cleavage peep hole held together with a sabre tooth thing. Mainly because there wouldn't be much to peep at.

I'm glad that Deelishis won on Flavor of Love, but when I found her myspace page (long story - was not actually on myspace looking for her) and saw some of the behind the scenes footage, I realized she totally got the "good girl" edit. Man, there are some pretty risque pics of her floating out on the internet!

Speaking of Flavor Flav, I think I'm going to go as him for Halloween. Part of me would go as something prettier or sexier, but I've always wanted a "grill" and now I get an excuse to buy a fake one. Here's a pic, in case you (my family members) don't know who Flavor Flav is.

Here are some other suggestions, some good some bad, but all CLASSIC Max:

Meerkat (gray jumper suit and whiskers)
Amol (flannel pajama bottoms, engineer shirt, and glasses)
Chink in the Armor (erm...obvious)
Chinese Fire Drill (some complicated suggestion of painting flames on my body and attaching a drill bit on the top of my head)
Chinese Food Take-out (me in a big white box)

My other two possibilties are:
Ugly Betty (glasses, dorky clothes - would be UNbelievably easy)
Madonna (blond wig, leotard, and an african american baby doll as a prop)
Cruella de Ville (could just buy a costume - they make them of her)

Any thoughts?

I think for me it's either Flavor Flav or Ugly Betty. Maybe leaning more towards Betty, now that I think about it....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HA! i love the idea of sareet with a grill. max could go as one of the girls. pretty amusing. plus, multiple options for neck clock props.

i think the chink in the armor is sort of funny- one of those things that us plain white kids aren't sure we get to laugh at.

ugly betty would be easy- i saw her on Ellen (yup, still no job) and the actress, America someone, said, remember, we're all just 5 seconds away from ugly. still, i vote for flav.

1:27 PM  
Blogger Thode said...


2:03 PM  
Anonymous Lynn said...

I like the Cruella de Ville idea. . .how many people have the perfect prop for that? And Max could go as Jasper.

12:28 PM  
Anonymous LaLa said...

I vote for Madonna, because I think that the African baby prop would be really funny.

5:29 PM  

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