Friday, June 08, 2007

Sareet Who?

So I'm totally mad at myself for not posting in so long. One day I'm going to look back and wonder what fun things I did from April 24th, 2007 to June 8th 2007. I'll wonder what weird observations I made, what adventures I went on, and even, possibly, what Pig's poop looked like...

But no point on dwelling on it. It'd be impossible to recap the last 8 weeks or so, but there are certainly some notable highlights that I will mention, because the blog would woefully incomplete without them:

4/28 - My little sister's college graduation! Went back to Michigan for a very short trip to attend "Rudy's" graduation. Ate a lot, nearly missed seeing Bill Clinton speak (the car broke down again - that makes it the 9th time that something has gone wrong with the car while I'm in it - I'll post about it some time), and was jet-lagged for most of the trip. It was great though. Also turned 29, for the first time. :)

"Rudy" and my mom!

"Rudy" and my dad!

What inevitably happens when we run out of things to take pictures of...

Bill Clinton!! An awesome speaker.

Mom and "Theo" - too cute!!

Second week of May (I think) I went to Vegas. Again, I know. It was the third time I've been to Vegas this year since February. However, this time I met up with some of my family - my uncle, aunts, and my bro - for a crazy trip, VIP style. My uncle, formerly known as Uncle "Bellagio" (coined by Kate), hereinafter known as Uncle "Wynn" hooked us up with rooms at The Wynn. He even had a f#&%ing LIMO pick me up at the airport. MY OWN LIMO. That was awesome. There's quite a thrill in having a chauffeur meet you up at the baggage claim! My brother got such a kick out of it that he had some one take a picture of him with HIS limo driver. Haha. The Wynn itself is really nice and I had a terrific time. Uncle "Wynn" got us great seats to the Celine Dion concert. Now, I'm not much of fan of hers but it was a really really great show and very worth seeing. It was an awesome weekend - it pretty much spoiled Vegas for me. I don't think I can ever go back to cramming into a motel room with 8 people and slumming at Imperial Palace.

Best night of sleep I've ever had...the Wynn hotel room. Super nice feather bed, down comforter, and lots of pillows.

We "found" our way into the secret VIP all night Chinese buffet area off the Baccarat room. I think Uncle Wynn was a bit concerned when I told him that it was the best Chinese food I've had in months. I don't think he realized how often I eat at Panda Express!

Aunt Marilyn, Me, and Alvin in another limo on our way to Caesar's palace.

Aunt Laura, Aunt Jo and Uncle Wynn, sitting across from us.

Me, enjoying a mojito by the pool (charged to the room, of course)

What else? I've spent the rest of my time doing the usual - hanging out with friends over the weekend, going to work, oversleeping and skipping the gym, etc. BBQ-ed a lot over Memorial Day weekend. Thode came into town last week (yay!) and we immediately put her to work and had her make us sloppy joe's on Sloppy Joe night.

Recently I've been on a crazy Harry Potter kick and have been obsessively listening to HP podcasts and checking out fan sites. On Monday, Lypstykgirl, Benjamin and Josh (well, he was more of crasher) came over so we could watch all the HP movies from the beginning. I couldn't get through all of them since I had to work the next day so Lypstykgirl came over last night and we rewatched Goblet of Fire. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT MOVIE AND LAST BOOK COME OUT!!! Ugh. The. wait. is. just. too. long.

Am trying to get back to working out. Last month I pretty much stopped working out entirely except for going to Benjamin's "Beach Booty Workouts." He's in great shape and I've roped him into being our occasional trainer. It's much more fun working out with friends altho I am by nature a lazy bastard and will generally slack off unless he's watching me.

Anyway, am going to get back to blogging so stay tuned, if anyone is still out there reading!!!

p.s. Pig is great but appears to have developed some strange muscles around her waist. I think this might be a result of her meds, which I think are steroid based. Vet appt next week (*sigh*)

Pig, on her way to work.


Blogger wrong enders said...

yoyoyo my dear cousin lol it's anders. i just start one as well, so drop by to check mine out. btw my dad really looks like a pimp here

2:47 AM  
Anonymous thode said...

so glad you're back - i missed your blog! LOVE LOVE LOVE the re-hash of the eating pictures. Ah memories...

7:31 AM  
Blogger Sareet said...

thanks thode - YOU need to get back to blogging - i want to know what's happening in NY. And punk - i need punk updates!

12:27 PM  

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