Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I Don't Know Why I Bother

Posting about American Idol. Or watching it for that matter. But yet, here I am again. Every time I find myself almost supporting Sanjaya - not in an actual way where I think he deserves to be there, but more like a "well, what the hell is he supposed to do but try?" sort of way - he acts like a total douchebag. I REALLY hate how he talks back to Simon. His face goes from cute and grinning to all bug-eyed and...douche. Ugh. I want him to go away, but not badly enough to do anything about it except complain. Waaah.

Had to get up extra early for a two hour meeting this morning. It was rough, even after three cups of coffee. At one point I wished I was back in school, where at least you can sit in the back of the auditorium, prop your head up with your left hand, pretend to take notes with your right hand and doze off without it being too obvious. Or at least that's what I'd tell myself. You could always tell which classes I fell asleep in by looking at my notebook. The big ink blotches were a dead giveaway. Anyway, like I said, totally wished I could doze off during the meeting this morning. Think it would have been super obvious though, since there were about 8 of us sitting at a table.

So very sleepy now. Hmm. Maybe will just close my eyes for just a little bit...


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