Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hump Day

Okay, the internet is undoubtedly a-buzz with people talking about...THAT LITTLE GIRL ON AMERICAN IDOL last night!! Good lord - poor thing. If you saw the show, you totally know who I'm talking about. If not, well basically there was this maybe 11 year old girl who was such a huge (inadequate word - probably BIGGEST) fan of American Idol and apparently Sanjaya in particular that she sobbed through the entire show. The camera kept cutting to her bawling and at the end Ryan invited her up on stage to meet everyone. It was almost traumatic watching her. I just really hope the euphoria from meeting her idols will carry her through an undoubtedlly wretched day in school. I can't even imagine.

Actually at one point I turned to Max and said, "You know, that's what I was like at the last Prince concert." Haha. Not really. JUST IN MY HEAD. Well, not really. It did make me wonder if Prince would bring me upstage if I just sobbed through his entire show. Something tells me he wouldn't.

Anyway, I guess I'm hoping Phil Stacey gets voted off. Nothing against him in particular, I just don't think he's all that interesting. Usually I spend the entire time he's on tv wondering if he would actually be kinda hot...with hair. Thoughts? Also, was a bit disappointed in Stephanie - I LOVE the song she chose but she sang it all weird and slow and pitchy. Hope she stays in tho, at least for another week.


Anonymous LaLa said...

I am SO disappointed with AI this season. I think almost all the singers are terrible, and it is just boring! I ususally can't miss an episode, and this year I can't stay focused on it. What a bummer!

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with lala. boo. stephanie seemed boring to me throughout, but i'm mildly anti-phil also. i think he wants to be chris from last season too badly. and he's not. i don't really care about any of them- that's what's disappointing. i like chris sligh, but he's a little conceited, i like lakeisha or whatever her name is, but i don't think she will win... really, i could talk about even bad idol all day. alas, back to some impression of doing work.

9:23 AM  

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