Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend Recap

Can't believe it's Monday again. Boo.

Weekend was fun. Didn't do much Friday night. Max grilled up some steaks and we just sat around watching tv. I think we watched a lot of college basketball, but I can't really remember it very well because lately all the sports watching seems to blur together.

I actually made it to the gym Saturday morning. Pretty proud of myself for that. It marked the official end of the "I'm recovering from Vegas so I'll damn well binge on whatever I want" week (see below). I took a kickboxing class - I actually really enjoy kickboxing. I think it's one of those classes that provides extra stress relief - there's nothing quite as anxiety-reducing as kicking and punching imaginary enemies. After class, I swung by our local library to pick up some Prince cds I had requested. No point in buying them when you can get them for free there. I briefly debated whether or not I was too gross to go in, and then recalled all of Kate's horror stories about the local library patrons she saw while working there, and decided that despite being unshowered, sweaty and make-up less, I was still probably okay. As soon as I walked in and saw three homeless guys sleeping in the lobby area, I realized I was fine.

At around 5 p.m., we headed over to Jessie's for her St. Patrick's Day party. Super fun, and the food was amazing. I drank green vodka sodas that luckily did not stain my teeth. I tried to do one Irish car bomb (where you drop a shotglass of bailey's and bushmills into a pint of guiness and chug it all down) but honestly, I messed it up. I don't know how - it defies logic and gravity frankly - but I had drank half of the beer and none of the bailey's and bushmills poured out. Maybe I am magic.

Headed back to the gym on Sunday morning for an 11 a.m. weight lifting class. I really hate that class. I went, because I needed to go, but I particularly dislike this instructor. Or rather his utter inability to count properly and to the beat of the music. He must be awful in bed. 20...19...18...15..16..12.11.10987....6...4 You get the point. The class always falls apart halfway through each set - some stick to the beat of the music, others stick to his counting. It's a disaster. But it's a good workout so I just sucked it up and made it through the class.

So that was about it. The rest of Sunday was spent on the usual weekend errands - a trip to the grocery store, tidying around the apt, etc.

Now, for NannyKate (sorry I know you go by kate g but I will always think of you as NannyKate) I give you a Pig Report:

Pig is doing well. About a month ago something happened to her tail - it went all limp. The condition is actually sometimes called "Limber Tail" or "Dead Tail" - she just couldn't wag it all. She really did look like Eyore. I think she might have sprained it sitting in the back of my little Honda Civic to and from work every day (45 mins each way). Luckily it went away after a couple weeks and now she can do the "helicopter" (where the tail goes all the way around the base like a windmill) again.

Thode sent me an email saying Cesar Milan is looking for dogs who fear thunder or fireworks so we're going to make and send in an audition tape of Pig! Maybe she'll end up on the Dog Whisperer! The tape has to be about 5-7 minutes long, and needs to show the dog displaying the behavior problem at least 3 times. Now since it doesn't really thunder all that much out here, Max and I are just going download thunderstorm sounds and play them really loudly in the apartment. I have no doubt that will work. She totally freaked out when I watched the new version of Pride & Prejudice and there's that thunderstorm scene where Darcy professes (badly) his love for Elizabeth and she just blows him off and...god I love that movie, should rent it again soon... And Max says that every time he watches Unforgiven (because of course Max's watches this movie about once a month), she freaks out at the end when there's a big thunderstorm. So, poor Pig - she's going to be miserable...but maybe she'll make it on tv!

I'm a bad dog mommy.


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