Friday, July 20, 2007

I Can't Stand It

I really can't. Book 7 is almost here!!! I can't concentrate on anything. Benjamin and Rebecca are getting theirs tonight at midnight. I have to suffer and wait until UPS delivers it on Saturday. Argh.

Met up with Rebecca last night at a fun wine bar called Bottleneck. I don't know much about wine, but it was a cool place and rather crowded for a Thursday night. We opted to share a bottle and skipped out on the cheese and various tapas you could order to go with your wine. Our first bottle was a bit funky - I guess the cork had gone bad. We didn't know for sure if it was bad wine, or that we just didn't know what good wine is supposed to taste like but when we asked the waiter to check it out he said it was definitely bad. So he opened another bottle for us. Now we know what wine smells like when it's gone bad! Very musty and mildewy- like an old basement.

As a result of not exercising and eating a McDonald's vanilla ice cream cone every day for the past two weeks, I've completely outgrown my jeans. None of them fit me anymore! The other day I was so uncomfortable that I took my jeans off in the car before I started to drive home. Contemplated driving in only my underwear but I just knew in my heart that if I did, it'd be ONE TIME I'd get pulled over and have to step out of the car or something. Or I'd get in a car crash and get rushed in to the hospital with no pants on. To make things worse I was wearing a pair of novelty underwear my mom bought me and my sister. (definitely time to do laundry!) It consists of a drawing of a pig face in the front, and a drawing of a pig butt in the back, complete with an extra piece of fabric attached as a tail. Just imagine if for some reason I had to get out of the car!! Luckily, I had a pair of sweat pants in the gym bag from god only knows how long ago, so I slipped into those instead.


Anonymous Mcgriddles said...

I remember that piece of underwear.
All your aunts, each one got a pair too. I didn't get one for myself cos I couldn't stuff my fat butt into it :(

6:07 AM  

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