Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Awesome Awesomeness

Last night I dreamt of the coming together of two of my favorite hobbies.

Poker and American Idol.

Yes, last night, I played poker with Simon Cowell and Mikalah whatever. And kicked their asses. Pretty much every other hand was a flush or a straight. One hand Simon called me with only a King high and I actually had diamond flush with an Ace high. One hand, I thought I lost to a fullhouse, but lo and behold, I had four tens! But after awhile, I began to notice it was a dream. I think I got hip to it when in one hand, I had 3 kings and 3 tens - a six card poker hand!

Anyway, it was the best dream I've had in a long time. Certainly way better than the dream I had the night before, where there were two mice hanging out in the halogen lamp in my bathroom and I had to get my Dad to get rid of them, and he managed to catch them in one of Max's big plastic containers, but my Fiona Apple CD was in with them and I wanted the CD so Dad went to get it and ended up letting out the mice which found me, even though I was hiding in my brother's room and they crawled up me and I screamed and woke up.

Yes I still like Fiona Apple. No, Fiona Apple is not worth getting bitten by mice.


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