Saturday, July 16, 2005

Harry Potter Day!!!

So this morning I woke up before my alarm clock even rang, because I was so excited about getting Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince today!!! I'm such a nerd. I'm a little worried about it actually getting here - our front gate is broken so I have to leave it open in order for UPS to get through, but there's always SOMEONE who shuts the gate as soon as they see it open. Frankly, that someone is usually me (doesn't anyone care about security in the building???) so I'm really hoping there's isn't another person like me here. Just in case though, I've left a note with specific instructions that should the gate be closed, LEAVE THE BOOK BY THE GATE!!! (for the love of god!!!!) They have until 7 p.m. to deliver the book....I hope it gets here soon.

The Harry Potter book will make up for a pretty crappy day yesterday. I could barely sleep the night before, as I kept having to blow my nose. (i'm sure you all appreciate the details of my bodily functions on this blog...) Max got up at around 6:00 a.m. and left for Denver so that was sad. I spent the morning in a Benadryl anti-histamine induced daze and basically napped for hours on the couch. Woke up at around lunch, watched RUNAWAY JURY, which I think I've actually seen before but forgot, and decided to just pop in the office to check my email and handle a few loose ends.

Well, that was a mistake. There was a work disaster lurking around for me, and frankly, when I'm sick, not wearing make-up, greasy hair in a ponytail, wearing my red Johnny English t-shirt, gray sweat pants that have pilled up around my ass, and blue flipflops, I'm just not the Me Who Can Handle Work Disasters. It's like my defenses are super low and my emotional energy level at zero. Anyway, there was some crying in my office, some crying in someone else's office, and I finally managed to table things until Monday. So yay, Monday...I can't wait.

There was one nice thing at the office though - a very sweet email from Max's sister, which I appreciated very much. Thanks again, Lala!! (obviously not her real name)

Got back home, ordered enough Chinese food to last the weekend, and proceeded to watch several hours of random tv. My exciting plans for the evening - two Benadryl, a hot shower and an early bedtime. Everything went according to schedule until I had to take Pig out. She's been really weird lately about going out to pee at night. At first, I thought it had something to do with her getting scared of the fireworks from July 4th. The following two nights after the fourth, every time I took her out for the "last pee," which happens just outside my gate in the gardeny/shrub area (which is gross, I know, but everyone in the building takes their dogs out there) she'd refuse to go. She seemed really nervous. When I tried to force her into the shrubs, she wouldn't move and would just press her nose by the gate, waiting to get back inside. But after those first few nights, she's been fine, except for last night when she started up again. I took her out at around 9:30 and she just would. not. go. pee. Tail all drooped between her legs, she just waited by the door. When I tried dragging her, she splayed out her claws and tried to hold her ground. I took her back inside, and tried again, half an hour later, to no avail. So finally I just gave up and walked her all the way down the street - the nearest patch of grass is one long block away - where she finally peed.

I have three theories on why this is happening.

1.) She remembers the fireworks every so often, and gets randomly scared.
2.) She knows that if she doesn't go by the gate, I'll eventually take her down the street and she gets an extra walk that way.
3.) She misses Max. (this only happens when he's gone.)

Anyway, it was rather annoying and we both went to bed grumpy with each other. Which seemed a fitting end to the crappy day.

But today - today will be glorious!!!

Dammit, where's my book?


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