Friday, August 26, 2005

Bad Dog Mom

I made Pig cry last night.

A few days ago, I threw away all her unsafely mangled stuffed chew toys aka "Wilburs." One of them was a pig, and we called it "Wilbur" and now she just thinks all stuffed chew toys are called "Wilbur." Anyway, I ordered her some new toys, which still haven't come so I'm beginning to feel like I got scammed, but just to see what she'd do I said, "Pig, where's Wilbur? Go get Wilbur! Go get him!!"

And she looked around the living room. No Wilbur. Then went over to her toy box. No Wilbur.

And then she cried. Seriously. She made this whimpering crying noise - this is a poor explanation, but it sounds like a sea lion grunting - like "mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa." She also makes this noise whenever she knows our neighbor Weiner Dog is in his front lawn, waiting to pounce on her as soon she walks by his gate. Incidentally, her new tactic, when she hears Weiner Dog in his yard, is to run as fast as possible by him.

Anyway, to relieve the guilt, I will obviously have to make a stop at Petco tonight on my way home from work.


Blogger kate g said...

you should get her cookies too. because you know, she likes cookies. :)
(i don't even know pig and i love her! you lucky girl you!)

7:09 AM  
Blogger Sareet said...

Thanks :) I feel really lucky too!!!

4:33 PM  

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