Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hump Day

Back on the blog saddle again. Hope you guys didn't miss me too much ;)

So let's see. I think I'm going to skip my usual weekend recap, as it is Wednesday now, and last weekend seems oh so far away. Just to be consistent though, I'll run through the highlights. I'm totally drawing a blank on what I did on Friday night, which annoys me because if I ever get accused of a crime and asked where I was on Friday Aug 19th, 2005 I wouldn't have an answer and would end up in jail. Saturday was a good day. Some clients of mine took me out to a really really nice restaurant for dinner. Later I went to bar called Vermont for a birthday party, danced a bit, and then ate terrible Thai food at 2:00 a.m., which was accompanied by pseudo-karaoke. I say pseudo because it was just really this one guy, the mc and possibly the owner of the restaurant, who sang for most of the time, and "played" his guitar along with the karaoke music. Weird. Oh, now I remember what I did Friday night - I went to a karaoke bar (again!) called Gas Lite with Jessi, Erin and a herd of recently college graduated boys. All babyfaced at the tender age of about 22, so I hated them for their wrinkle-free-ness immediately. Not really, of course. On a side note, I've been hanging out recently with a lot of younger peeps and I think I need to put a stop to it because it makes me feel OLD. Anyway, I think the Gas Lite can honestly boast of having the worst karaokers of any bar in Los Angeles. Definitely check it out if you're shy about singing. Even I was tempted and almost gave it a try, and as you all know, I'm a private room kind of gal. On Sunday I went dim sum with Julia, her brother and Reggi, which was very good and made up for the slightly unsatisfying dim sum experience I had the weekend before. Afterwards, I went to Target and spent an unmentionable amount of money buying things like pajamas and socks. Target - the place where you'll always drop an unmentionable amount of money...

So, after Target, I met up with my fellow dimsumers who were kind enough to take me to the gym where they have memberships. AND THEN, I SIGNED UP FOR A MEMBERSHIP!! That's right folks. Back to the gym I go. This whole tree trunk shaped, no-waist body has got to go. The six months of not working out was really really lovely, but has turned me into a 36A from shoulders to mid thigh. So far I've really enjoyed going to the gym. My new thing is yoga - man, I love that stuff! I'm also excited about taking a "Latin Impact" aerobics class with Kate, who also has a membership with this chain of gyms. I think it'll be really fun..ny.

Anyway, after signing up for the gym, I went to Amol's place for his weekly Sunday night bbq, which neither he nor his roommate Paul actually ever want to throw, but are always forced to by our friends. They have a sweet hot tub and pool, so it's the perfect thing to do on a Sunday night. Poker afterwards, and then I went home, cleaned the apartment and passed out.

So. Hmm. I guess this did turn out to be a weekend recap.


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