Monday, August 01, 2005

Weekend Recap

I had a very excellent weekend.

Friday Happy Hour at Chaya's with Jessi, Andrea and Kate. Sushi was very good but it was the raspberry mojitos that I was really impressed with. Yum. Best ones I've ever had. Then we went to see Matt's show, which was, as expected, very funny. Later, Jessie, Kate & I went to Dan's place for what became Pokeraoke, phrase coined by Amol. There was whole bunch of us playing poker, and then Dan's brother walked in with 3 girls who decided they wanted to karaoke. So soon, we were pokeraoking - we'd pass the mic around the table while playing poker and sang whichever song came up next. Sadly, I was stuck doing a 15 minute version of Close to You. I think I lost that hand, which seemed a just punishment for what I was putting everyone else through. But I won the second game, so, whoo hoo!

Saturday, I woke up surprisingly refreshed and energetic and decided to clean the carpet. It looks really nice now, and I'm not having people over again, ever. Not unless they take off their feet (not shoes, feet) at the door. I should get all old school Chinese and give everyone guest slippers to wear in my apartment. Problem is, I always found it slightly gross, since the slippers are reused over and over again, and you end up wearing the pair that Aunty Whatever or Uncle Whatever wore the weekend before. Maybe I'll magic marker everyone's name to the bottom of their slippers and keep them in the closet.

Anyway, at some point between cleaning the living room carpet and working on the bathtub, Thode called and invited me out with Laura and her fiance Brad. I couldn't make dinner but met them up at The Brig, which is this very cool bar in Venice. It was nice to get to hang out with Laura, who's super busy with work nearly all the time. And I had never really chatted with Brad before so that was cool. Anyway, a few others showed up, and a great time was had by all. Except for this brief OCD momentary panic I had when I realized the bottom of my jeans were wet from - ew- the bathroom floor and but Thode reassured me that no, nothing was going to travel up my jeans and give me crabs.

Anyway, Sunday was a lazy around day. Pig and I went out to Runyon Canyon late in the afternoon, which was the perfect time for her. Normally she just sort of plods around and I get sad thinking about how she's getting old but apparently she plods around because I stupidly take her out during the middle of the day when it's HOT. Yesterday was fairly cool and Pig spent nearly all the time there running up and down the hill like a crazy dog. Later, Amol called and I proceeded to be difficult (not intentionally) by insisting that I was up for doing anything yet consistently vetoing everything he suggested, which included:

-Putput golfing
-Going to LACMA
-Going to the driving range
-Going to a batting cage
-Going to Medieval Times (which I normally would have loved, and he suggested it because I had mentioned it before, but it was far far too late to really drive two hours to Anaheim)
-Eating dinner at a pizza place where each pizza is over 8000 calories
-Eating dinner at Pinks (overrated, imo)
-Eating dinner at Lawry's Prime Rib
-Eating dinner at Hop Li

So finally, after much discussion, we settled for dinner at Kabuki. It was sort of a dinner of the Lonely Hearts Club, as Dan joined us and we realized that all three of us had significant others living out of state.

Incidentally, how much sushi is too much sushi because this is what I had this week:

Wednesday - Sushi lunch from Mishima
Thursday - Ghetto sushi from Pavillions
Friday - Sushi at Chaya
Sunday - Sushi at Kabuki

I'm getting nauseous just thinking about sushi.


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