Monday, August 06, 2007

Weekend Recap

Very laid back weekend, which was nice since the last few have been busy.

Max and I discovered The Two Coreys on Friday night. Has anyone seen that show on A&E? It's about Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. Basically it just follows what happens when Corey Haim moves into Corey Feldman's house. Kind of like the odd couple as Corey Haim is a single, recently recovered addict loser and Corey Feldman actually has gotten his life together and is married with a kid and a nice house. It was the sort of thing where once I started to watch it, I couldn't stop. I was never even a fan of either of the Coreys! And I still haven't seen The Lost Boys! Anyway, that was Friday night. Oh and we also watched Hot Fuzz, which was so bad that I completely forgot I had watched it on Friday night until just now. I was really disappointed - Shaun of the Dead is one of my most favorite movies and I thought Hot Fuzz would be great, but sadly, it just sucked.

Saturday was my first near perfect day, according to the list. Got up and went to the gym for a BRUTAL kickboxing class. I think it would have been a hard class even if I were in shape. Since I haven't worked out in months, the class was impossible. I really liked the instructor though, and the music was great so I definitely plan on taking more of her classes. I managed to do everything on my list except for the Mind Improvement category. I'm really struggling with that category. The prob is I MUCH prefer just laying on the couch watching movies and tv. I did suggest to Max that we could play a game of chess but then I got distracted by, what else, the tv and that was the end of it. There was an awesome string of movies on TV on Saturday. First there was Bridge Jones' Diary, which is one of my favorites. Then Shanghai Noon, another one of my favorites. Followed by The Omen (the new one) - not very good. Oh well. 2 out of 3 is not bad. I also discovered Colonial House on PBS which I LOVED. That show is awesome. It's like an educational reality/documentary show where they take 17 people and make them live it's 1628 and they're building a new colony in America. They have to follow the social guidelines and hierarchy of that time, and do all their work by hand. They eat things like muskrat (ew - which tastes like catfish or fried chicken, depending on which "settler" you asked), and plow their own fields, and don't shower. I found it fascinating and definitely recommend watching it.

On Sunday we went grocery shopping, in a major way - Costco, Trader Joe's and Pavillions. Max and I spent most of last week clearing out the fridge and pantry by eating all the weird odds and ends of food we've accumulated over the past few months. It always amazes me how we collect food we don't eat - 1/2 a bag of old egg noodles, random can of baked beans, a head of cabbage left over from Josh's july 4th party at our apt - I assume someone mistook it for a head of lettuce. The plan was to clear out the fridge and pantry and restock up with ingredients for some carefully planned meals. So Max drew up a terrific master grocery list and we now have all our food planned for the next three weeks. Last night we had spaghetti. It was strange - I had this total flashback to my childhood. I was napping on the couch and I woke up with a start, a bit bleary-eye, and it actually felt and smelled like it did when I was younger. I think it was the spaghetti - we bought the same brand of sauce my mom used to use, and Max was browning meat into it the way she would and my first thought, when I woke up, was to wonder if I had finished all my homework. Hah!

Yesterday night we went to play poker at Tyler's and to watch his big game show debut on tv. I guess he was a contestant on a new show called Camouflage. He did pretty well, but didn't win anything. Neither did Max or I at poker - sadly. Oh well, it was fun.


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isn't it weird that no matter how old you are or how far into adulthood you are, you never get less terrified of those dreams where you're cmpletely unprepared for a test or you forgot your homework. It's like school anxieties traumatize us for life.

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