Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reality TV Chefs

So I was walking Pig last night and noticed a new bar in my neighborhood called Foxtail. It looked pretty swanky and nice - all art deco-y, so when I got home, I read up on it online. Turns out, it's a super expensive and trendy new supper club opened by the same owners as Hyde (if you read TMZ or perezhilton, you'll know that's a hot spot for young starlets) AND the chef is Antonia from Top Chef! Seems like the food has gotten mixed reviews (sounds about right, judging from the show) and the place is sort of snooty. Have to say, if it were Richard's restaurant, I'd totally fork over the $100 plus for a meal, but not so much for Antonia. Maybe for Stephanie. Maybe for Dale, but only if he promised not to grab his crotch if I didn't like his food. Definitely not Lisa. God I hate her!! Why is she still on the show????

Coincidentally, I also live very close to London, the new hotel where Gordon Ramsay has opened another restaurant, and where the winner of Hell's Kitchen will be the executive chef. And honestly - I would not pay $10 for a meal from any of those folks. I'm mean but God, those people are so awful. I don't think anyone following that show would really want to eat at London.

Oh, and unrelated, but a celebrity spotting: I saw John Stamos outside a nearby restaurant. He was wearing lightish colored blue jeans and a black leather jacket. IMO, if I didn't want to be called Uncle Jesse for the rest of my life, I think I'd stay away from quintessential Unce Jesse wear.


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that's so awesome - i tried to eat at the big bald tattooed guy's restaurant in San Fran only because we were watching him make fancy corn dogs the whole plane ride and when we got to SF we were so hungry we were about to drive right over there!

but that guy wasn't that good and I totally agree about Lisa, she has just been SKATING by the last couple episodes for no apparent reason. Team Stephanie or Richard (minus the bad hair)!

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