Monday, December 14, 2009

Back to Blogging...

Over the weekend, I set up a website for our wedding. It's pretty cool and has these neat tools like "Request Reception Music" where people can enter songs they want to dance to at our wedding. I kind of doubt anyone will use it but I think it's fun anyway. I also added a wedding blog. I figured it'd be nice to keep track of the wedding planning experience and the run up to The Big Day (just 278 days to go!) It was real nice to just - I don't know - write about stuff that was on my mind. Of course, I have to keep it more wedding specific, which then made me miss this particular long abandoned blog where I really was free to talk about anything. Or more like nothing. So, maybe I'll start writing here again too.

In setting up the website, I had to look for a lot of pics of Max and me. Now, the two of us have been together an almost retarded amount of time. Nine years in February. Looking over the pics, a few observations can be made:

1.) I look better with long hair.
2.) I look better when I'm about 10 lbs thinner.
3.) Neither of us look good making the stupid open-mouth "Max" face.

Unfortunately, neither #1 nor #2 can really be fixed immediately. But, #3 can. Right now, I am NOT making the stupid open-mouth "Max" face.


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