Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hump Day

Soooo sleeeeeeeepy.

Pig heard thunderstorms/fireworks/gunshots last night so I barely got any sleep. I have no idea what she heard but I guess she heard something. She just got so scared and so inconsolable that the only thing that calmed her down was for us to sleep in the living room with all the lights on and the tv blaring. Otherwise she would have spent the whole night trying to hide under the bedside tables or in the closet. Sigh. I am exhausted. It's one thing to take a nap while the tv is on, it's another thing to try to sleep through a whole night with ESPN on in the background.

Lots of ups and downs going on in my life but rather than dwelling on the more frustrating elements here are a few ups that I've been reminding myself of:

1.) HAWAII - Max and I are going in about two weeks!!! It's going to be awesome!!! Also, Kate has agreed to watch Pig and her boyfriend will help walk her during the day while she's at work. I am so so so very relieved and grateful that it worked out!!! Making arrangements for Pig is always the most stressful part of taking a vacation.

2.) MY WORK SCHEDULE FOR THE MONTH - this week is 4 day work week, next week is a 3 day work week (I have thursday and friday off b/c of jewish holidays - one of the major bonuses to working for a jewish employer) and the following week is also a 3 day work week because of the Hawaii trip.

3.) LOBSTERFEST next Saturday. This is one of my most favorite festivals of the year. They ships tons and tons of Maine lobsters to San Pedro. I plan on eating two!

4.) WORKING OUT - Yes, I've actually been going to the gym again. Quite frequently. The muffin top seems to have shrunk a little bit and I can finally fit into something besides sweatpants. I don't think I'll be in bikini shape by the time we go to Hawaii, but hopefully I'll at least look a bit less lumpy.

5.) THIS WEEKEND - It will be an old school kind of weekend - party at AD's old house and then maybe a bbq? Labor Day Weekend was totally ruined by the heat - we couldn't really do anything at all so I'm hoping we get to bbq this weekend.

Alright, feel a bit cheered up now. How could I not? I'm going to HAWAAAAAAAIIIIII!!!!


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