Monday, December 18, 2006

Last Week

Wheeeeeeee! Had just about the crazy busiest week ever.

Monday Night - Sushi with Kate and Jessie at this very cute place where the sushi comes around on a conveyor belt. I love places like that - there's no wait at all. And it was very inexpensive ($4 spider roll - crazy).

Tuesday Night - The equivalent of an office Christmas party at a nice restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Wednesday Night - had to turn down karaoking with Jessie b/c I needed to recover.

Thursday Night - Went to the Bill Foundation (where I got Pig) fundraiser gala with Kate and Max. We drank free cocktails and made a dinner of free hors d'oeuvres.

Friday Night - Andrea's bday party!

Saturday - turned down a poker game at Tyler's and ended up playing about 10 hours of World of Warcraft instead. Also, stayed in to watch Elf and passed up on a party at AD's place.

Sunday - Lypstykgirl's Xmas Party!!

I am officially party-pooped out.