Saturday, March 15, 2008

Time to Move

Ugh. Just got some very disturbing news from a neighbor. I was planning to go back to sleep after walking the dog, but now I'm so freaked out I can't at all. Turns out, according to my neighbor, nearly all the apartments on my side of the building have RATS or have heard them crawling in the walls. Not mice, but big gigantic rats. I'm going to cry. Or throw up. Or both at the same time.

THAT IS NOT OKAY. I so can't handle the idea of rats in the apartment. Going to see if I can sleep in a hotel for the next few weeks until the rats are gone.

I woke Max up just now to tell him we have to move. He seemed nonplussed - argh!! I did make him promise that we'll "rat proof" the apartment today. I don't know what that really entails, but we should at least look around and make sure there aren't any little cracks or openings that nasty nasty nasty things can get through. Time to give the apartment a really thorough cleaning too. We've been so busy that the apartment has gotten filthy. Maybe that's another reason to move - just start over in a nice clean apartment.

I tried to google and look up sites on how to get rid of rats or prevent them from entering your apartment, but it's been a stressful process because these sites often have pictures of rats and I totally freak out when I see the pics. I mean, under normal circumstances, I can't really even look at pictures of rats or other rodents, but under these circumstances - when they're pictures of what could actually be LIVING in my apartment - I just can't bear them at all. I have to sort of scroll slowly and peek to see if there are any rat pics. It's been a painful and frightening process - like watching a scary movie or walking through a haunted house.

Ugh. UGH!!!

The only thing I can think of to console myself is that I haven't seen them yet, and if my building is infested, you'd think I'd have seen one by now; and also that Pig is a mighty fine rat catcher and I'd know if there was something in here. I don't think I blogged about this b/c I've been too busy but about 6 weeks ago, she was acting all weird - really obsessed with the bathroom, and it turns out, accoording to my apartment manager, they poisoned and trapped "one mouse" (interesting how "one mouse" becomes a "bunch of rats") in the walls, which was why Pig kept sniffing and staring at the walls. I've given Pig strict instructions to "kill on sight." Of course, what worries me most is that nearly all the apartments that have had a problem have dogs!! And some with big ones. You'd think that would scare them away.

If I see one in here, I'm going to die. I seriously will die of heart attack. Death by Rat. Sounds like a mystery novel, except the ending is so obvious. Ugh. It will be a horrible and senseless tragedy, but I swear, a rat is not something I can tolerate at all.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Forward



So sleepy today. I don't know if it's time change or perhaps the drinking-mimosas-and -bbqing-all-day thing I did yesterday but man I'm dragging this morning.

I miss my blog. Have been so very busy, but I finally have most of the pics from our vegas adventure so I'll be posting about that soon.

Should probably get back to work. This is definitely going to be one of those nap-in-the-car-at-lunch kind of days...