Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Recap of Trip to MI - Part One

For the love of all things holy, why the HELL IS IT SO COLD IN MICHIGAN??? Why is there so much snow??? Why won't my nose stop running??? Why must every question end with three question marks???

Anyway, I'm back in Michigan for the holidays. Did I mention it's F$&#ING COLD HERE???

Max and I came back on Thursday. Flight was pretty uneventful - I slept most of the way and managed not to actually drool all over the guy sitting next to me...just only on my own shoulder which is really quite okay. After getting picked up from the airport, Max and I went out to dinner with mom and the fam at Hong Hua, this really nice chinese restaurant. It's one of my favorite places to eat, and last time we went, Max and I had these awesome oysters on the shell steamed with black bean sauce, which we wanted to have again. Unfortunately, they only had one oyster in the whole restaurant. I thought that was actually quite strange, and was glad that Max spared him (her?) of his solitudey-ness and ate him.

After dinner, we went over to Dad's house and drank wine and hung out. He had participated in some crazy cookie exchange at the office so he had about 8 dozen cookies. We went through and tried all of them, like crazy fat kids let loose in an all-u-can-eat bakery (omg - what a genius idea...do those exist?). Luckily, and I do mean luckily, Dad's coworkers can't bake worth shit. Man, those were some lousy cookies. I actually had to spit one out because it was so gross - all powdery and salty, and raw-doughy. I'm shuddering right now just thinking about it.

Friday we were snowed in at Dad's place until around 4 in the afternoon, when the roads were finally clear enough to venture out to go xmas shopping. I can't remember much of what we did before shopping - I think it involved eating again. Ah yes, Dutch babies (not literally little dutch children, but those lovely pancake type of concoctions) and caramelized bananas, and then omelets with sausage. Shopping was fun, altho the drive to mall was pretty intense and scary. There was quite a bit of snow, and we were constantly afraid the car would get stuck in it. We took my Dad's car, and I can't drive stick, so had we gotten stuck, I would have been the one who'd have to push the car out of the snow, while Max drove. Needless to say, we definitely needed to avoid that scenario. But we made it to the mall just fine, got some shopping done, rented Step Brothers (hilarious), and made it home with two Hungry Howie's pizzas and an order of wings. All in all, an excellent day.

Saturday morning Angie, Max's sister, came and picked up to to take us to Grayling. There were seven of us altogether - me, Max, Forrest, Angie, Marco, and their two kids. We caravaned in two mini-vans/SUVs and managed to make it there in really good time, including a stop at Applebees. We didn't do much after but lounge around and relax. At night, Max threw a party which was super fun and surprisingly not destructive. I've been to enough of these little gatherings of Max's highschool friends to know that they can indeed get kind of crazy, but this one was okay. I turned in on the early side (2:30 or so) so I did miss out on 4 a.m. nature walk and a dog food fight but all in all I think it was actually tame. The only thing that got broken was the back of a chair which Max tried to unsuccessfully fix by using Easy Cheese as glue...

Sunday afternoon we went to visit the Grandmas, which was really fun and nice. I heard from both that I should blog again, which is why I decided to sit down and recap the past few days! For dinner we had this super nice pot roast, and after dinner, Angie, Max's mom, and I went back down state. I went back to Mom's place and have been there since.

Yesterday, I woke up and had krispy kreme donuts and leftover birthday cake for breakfast. This is a very normal breakfast to have at Mom's. When I was growing up, Mom would say things like, "Don't forget, there's a chocolate birthday cake in the refrigerator for breakfast..." or "Have some of that apple pie for breakfast." It's amazing I didn't develop childhood diabetes. Anyway, we didn't do much until the afternoon (again, because of the snow - the damn snow!) when we headed out for some shopping. I picked up the last few presents I needed to get, and then we went to another Chinese restaurant for dinner. It was also quite good, not as good as Hong Hua, but I'll take it. I really miss eating Chinese food - Max and I don't eat a lot of really authentic Chinese food because we're not close to the good restaurants, and I can't cook, so when I go home, I like to load up on it.

So now it's Tuesday. We may be going to do a casino crawl through Detroit and Windsor, or we may end up just hanging out again. Not quite sure yet. Right now, I'm just wondering why my sister's Tivo keeps trying to record "Brooke Knows Best," this dreadful reality show on F-lister Brooke Hogan on Vh1. She insists that she's not trying to record the series, but it's a bit like Benjamin insisting that he hasn't read the Twilight series. I just don't believe them.

More later as it happens!