Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Recap

Wheee!!! Fun wheeekend!!

Bestest part was Julia's bday party on Sat night, which may very well have been the best party I've been to in years. She went ALL OUT and hired an event planner. The party was at a restaurant downtown (the place was closed for dinner service, just us), had an open bar, tons of appetizers, CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN, dj, and professional photographer. Just a really fun time - I think we were there until 3 or 4 a.m. Amazing. I think everyone had a really great time. It was pretty much like a wedding where everyone is just so happy!

Ugh - I was going to load up some more pics, but blogger is super slow for some reason. Maybe some other time.

We didn't really do much else over the weekend. Nothing to blog about, but then again, that's never really stopped me. Friday night we sat around. Saturday I think I watched a lot of TV. Julia's party Sat night. Sunday - more TV.

I'm getting really excited about our 8/8/08 vegas trip. Great group of people - destined to be OUTRAGEOUS. i've started practicing online again. Gotta polish up on all my table games strategy.

Max's brother has applied for a job at a video gaming company with offices right above me. We're hoping he gets it - if he does, he'll be out here with us for the summer. I'll have someone to carpool with! I think it'd be great opportunity for him, especially since he's super awesome at video games and seems to have some interest pursuing a career in that industry. We'll see.

Okay blogger still slow, but I think this pic is worth it:

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thank God!

Watched Top Chef last night - SO relieved that Lisa did not win. I thought her food looked really good, and it seemed totally possible that she could win if they were to judge JUST that meal. Poor Richard. I felt so bad for him. If I met him I'd give him a big hug. Which would probably totally creep him out. I know some people found him arrogant, but I always thought he was a pretty nice guy. Glad Stephanie won though - she seems totally cool and down to earth. And is it just me or did Dale look hot at the very end of the episode?

Have decided to work with my trainer again - but just once a week, to keep costs down. I just think I get much better results with a trainer, and in general, I just don't like doing weights by myself. I don't mind doing cardio (last night I did 20 mins on the precor and then took a step class), but I can't seem to get myself to weight training on my own.

Have woken up crying two nights this week. I keep having these nightmares that just make me sob in my sleep - i have no idea why! I don't feel stressed anymore - well, not as much as I did when I first started the job. Maybe I'm just too warm? Maybe I should work out in the morning instead of at night (happened on the two nights that I worked out this week)? Not sure, but it's really annoying.

Ok, off to work. It's Thursday! And tomorrow will be Friday! And then it'll be the weekend - wheeeee!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reality TV Chefs

So I was walking Pig last night and noticed a new bar in my neighborhood called Foxtail. It looked pretty swanky and nice - all art deco-y, so when I got home, I read up on it online. Turns out, it's a super expensive and trendy new supper club opened by the same owners as Hyde (if you read TMZ or perezhilton, you'll know that's a hot spot for young starlets) AND the chef is Antonia from Top Chef! Seems like the food has gotten mixed reviews (sounds about right, judging from the show) and the place is sort of snooty. Have to say, if it were Richard's restaurant, I'd totally fork over the $100 plus for a meal, but not so much for Antonia. Maybe for Stephanie. Maybe for Dale, but only if he promised not to grab his crotch if I didn't like his food. Definitely not Lisa. God I hate her!! Why is she still on the show????

Coincidentally, I also live very close to London, the new hotel where Gordon Ramsay has opened another restaurant, and where the winner of Hell's Kitchen will be the executive chef. And honestly - I would not pay $10 for a meal from any of those folks. I'm mean but God, those people are so awful. I don't think anyone following that show would really want to eat at London.

Oh, and unrelated, but a celebrity spotting: I saw John Stamos outside a nearby restaurant. He was wearing lightish colored blue jeans and a black leather jacket. IMO, if I didn't want to be called Uncle Jesse for the rest of my life, I think I'd stay away from quintessential Unce Jesse wear.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Weekend Recap

Weekend was a recovery weekend. Thode was in town the weekend before last, and before that was Memorial Day weekend so we were due for something a bit more chill.

Friday night I got home and told Max I just wanted to veg on the couch and surf the web. Which I did, for about four straight hours. Very nice. We also started the movie 300, but I fell asleep about half way in so we watched the rest on Saturday morning. I have to say, it's a bit weird watching people get their heads chopped off while eat eggs and toast. Weird is not the word, I don't think. Gross, maybe.

Saturday I tackled the kitchen for the first time in many, many months. It's hard to keep the apartment clean and I had pretty much given up on it, but felt motivated after helping Kate clean her apartment before she moved out. Josh is taking over her apartment, so basically I helped Josh clean his apartment. Hah. Anyway, the kitchen looks much better now - it's amazing how much dirt and dust accumulates underneath a microwave. God. Yuck. I was sore by the time I was done. I figured all the scrubbing and mopping made up for not going to the gym.

We decided to get out the house Sat night after all the cleaning, so we went over to the Frat House (we have three friends who live together in this nice house which really does not deserve the name "Frat House" since that tends to bring to mind the smell of vomit and old beer, but it does have a steady stream of women coming in and out so the name is not that off). The guys seemed anxious to get out of their house so we headed to Birds, this bar in the Los Feliz area which I've driven by a million times over the years but have never been to. It's pretty fun actually. Next door was a place called La Poubelle, which was pretty dead. I vaguely think "poubelle" means garbage in French, but I'm not sure if that's true. Bit of a bad name, if you ask me. Afterwards, we had us some Taco Bell, and played a miserable game of poker at 2 a.m. Honestly, there just is no good reason to start a game that late. Especially with just five players, which does not make for a good game. I was exhausted and glad when it was finally over. Needless to say, I did not win!

I slept in a bit on Sunday and then proceeded to watch two mediocre ghost-y movies, Wind Chill and The Grudge. I'm generally not a fan of scary movies, but once in a while I just get a hankerin' fer 'em. At around 4 p.m., Lypstyck Girl, who was just down the street volunteering at the LA Pride Parade, came by and we went for a late lunch/early dinner at the Spanish Kitchen. They had great deals - $5 appetizers and $7 margaritas. Excellent. After that, I met up with Max, who was at AD's place, to watch the Lakers game. The guys had been shooting a little short video there which hopefully will turn out well. Max is starring in it - I can't wait to see it. Apparently he had to take his pants and boxers off for the shoot.

Anyway, that's about it. Despite me saying that The Grudge is not really that scary, I freaked myself out thinking, "What if that creepy little boy is sitting in the back seat of the car right now?" and then later, "What if that creepy little boy is hiding under my bed/in the closet/behind the shower curtain/under the kitchen sink??? Probably best for me to stay away from the scary movies.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Super Power

So I've noticed lately that for about three days a month - those same three days when I'm ridiculously bloated, emotional, and hungry - I have a heightened sense of smell. I can smell EVERYTHING. I can smell Starbucks more than a block away. I can smell people's detergent like it's perfume. When I walk down the hall at work, I can smell different shampoos/soap as I pass each office. When cars drive by, I can actually smell the difference in exhaust fumes from one car to another.

But alas, like all super powers, it's a curse and a blessing. Blessing when someone with great perfume walks by; a curse when Pig farts. Blessing when I walk near a bakery by my house; curse when I walk into an elevator full of those guys from the floor above who are video game testers and apparently don't shower on a regular basis. Blessing when I noticed the smell of the office and it reminds me of my first day interviewing there and how excited I was; curse when I noticed a distinct, um, pungent smell, by the bushes in the alley behind Rage (and I can just say, EWWWW).

I'd like to find a way to put my super power to use for those three days a month. Like...hmm...nothing is coming to mind. It's not like I can track down a lost puppy or missing child. That would be useful. Or sniff out cancer. Basically, all I can do is point out which direction the garbage truck went (even from a good two blocks away), and tell if someone's showered.

Sigh. Stupid super power.

Summer Plans

I posted a myspace bulletin yesterday, but figured I'd post it here as well:

For those of us who lead lives of quiet desperation while counting down the days until WangCon 2009, I have put together a list of a few events and actitivies to help us pass the time.

If you're interested, let me know, and I'll email you the details

Grunion Run - June 21 - 10 p.m., San Pedro. Apparently grunion are these little fish, like smelt, that come up on the beach to spawn at night in the summer months. You can only catch them with your bare hands (no nets allowed), and you can cook them in GREEN BEAN CASSEROLES. Cost: I think free, except you need a fishing license, which we can pick up at a sporting goods store. Max says they're cheap.
http://www. beachcalifornia. com/grunion-run. html

Friday Night Racing at the Hollywood Park - July 11 - $1 Beer, before 9 p.m., $1 Sodas, $1 hot dogs all night. $10 admission before the 7th race, which includes a free Berlin concert.


Hollywood Bowl - "Not the Messiah (He's a Very Naughty Boy) with Eric Idle" - Aug 2, 8:30 p.m. Join Python superstar Eric Idle and his Spamalot Grammy and Tony award-winning co-composer John Du Prez and a cast of thousands - well, an audience of thousands plus the LA Phil, chorus, soloists, bagpipers and a sheep - as they tell the tragic-comic story of a man mistaken for the Messiah, inspired by Handel’s famous oratorio Messiah and Monty Python’s hilarious Life of Brian. Idle – singing baritone-ish – reprises some of his best-loved roles from the legendary movie that reminds you to “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.” I'm actually not a big Python fan, but since I don't think anyone will go with me to the Sound of Music Sing A-Long (right? right?), this is next best bet. I'm planning on getting cheapy tickets ($12) as the best part of the Hollywood Bowl is the picnicking and the drinking outdoors.

LA County Fair - Sept 5-28. I love me some fair food and was bummed that I missed this one last year, so I definitely want to go.

Nov 6 – Madonna - Dodger stadium. I want to see Madonna just once in concert before she gets old, which looks like it will never happen, but still...I'm thinking just the cheap tickets will do - around $62

I would also like to go see Body World 3 at the California Science Museum. Last day of the exhibit is Sept 7.

For Max's sake, hopefully some of you are interested in the events above.

Especially the GRUNION RUN!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Changes A'Coming

How sad. Only about 20 posts for all of 2008 and it's already June 3rd! To think of all the countless poop stories that have gone unpublished...

Anyway, this year has really turned out to be a year of changes. Not so much for me directly, but more indirectly. Amol is calling it the "series finale of us." Hah. Last weekend Kate packed up a U-Haul and moved up to San Francisco. She got a job not far from where the Chinese Costanzas live. Her boyfriend lives up there so it was only a matter a time for the big move but it still sucks. I've known her since my freshman year in college, and apart from a few summer months, we've lived in the same city since. In fact, we lived together for seven years total (two years in college, and five, I think, out in LA) so it's sort of a big deal. At least I do go up there fairly often, so that's good. And we pretty much email each other every day, especially from work, so I'm hoping that won't change much. Just have to wait until she gets tired enough of being good on her new job to start emailing!

Another big change is Rebecca aka Lypstickgirl is moving as well! She is moving at the end of July to Michigan, also to be with a Man. I don't understand why these girls can't stick with someone in LA. Sheesh. Anyway, I'm pretty bummed about that. Again, since she's moving back to Michigan, I'm sure I'll see her when I visit home but still... My closest female friends are all disappearing! I'm going to have to try harder to make some new friends so it's not just me and the boys. Don't get me wrong, they're great friends but a girl likes to have some close female companionships too. I've been pressuring for them to get some girlfriends. Cool ones though. No idiots. Please. Also plan on getting to know better some of the other cool girls that I know but that I don't see on quite as regular a basis. I actually know quite a few but I just have to put forth the effort. Sigh.

Yet another change is that Amol and Paul are moving out of their apartment. I think they've lived together for about 5 years as well. I'm obviously not as sad about that but we've had many many many fun poker games, bbqs and hot tub nights at that apartment complex. No more pool parties. :( Just when I can finally fit into a swim suit again... They quit their jobs as well. And Julia quit her job earlier this year too. See what I mean - lots and lots of changes. And Jessie plans on quitting her job, and is also moving, although she is staying in LA, just switching apartment.

All these changes make me feel kind of boring. Like I need some new changes. Just not a new job. Luckily, I am FINALLY beginning to settle into my new job, thank god and I just can't go through that again. Max and I would love to move, but as long as the apartment continues to be rent-controlled, and as long as Raleigh is able to walk Pig at a very reasonable rate during the day while Max is at work (possible because she has other clients in the area), we just can't justify moving. Even though the apartment is totally old and gross and dirty and briefly rat infested (luckily not in my unit)and certainly roach infested (unfortunately in my unit) and I want new carpet and a brand new place to decorate...waaah.

Luckily, there are some exciting things lined up on the calendar for the next few months. I'm hoping this weekend will be a recovery week (last two weekends have been insane - both my waistline and wallet are suffering) and then next weekend Julia is throwing some awesome birthday party. She's invited tons of people, it's being held at a restaurant downtown, and there'll be an open bar. Awesome. After that, July 4th weekend. Sadly neither our plans for Italy or even Michigan that weekend have panned out but I'm hoping to at least do something interesting. Like maybe go up to SF or even take a few extra days off and just veg for four straight days (I have been way nostalgic for a summer break - just to sleep in, loll around in my pjs and not do anything for days on end...). Next, comes 8/8/8 - going to Vegas!!! Whoo hooo!!! Amol has been talking about this trip for at least a year. He has dutifully been trained by his chinese girlfriend annie that "8" is a lucky number in chinese so it's seems like a good weekend to go. I definitely want to go back to Michigan before the summer ends as well, so I am tentatively thinking of maybe an end of August trip? We'll see. There are also some other things that could be fun but have yet to be planned. I know the idea of a camping trip has been brought up numerous times. Max and I have talked about a weekend getaway to Santa Barbara, which would be very nice. Maybe we will do our annual (well not so annual lately) Dockweiler Bonfire on the Beach outing. Anyway, lots of little things to keep the daydreams going in my head while I walk Pig.

And finally, a Pig report. She broke a tooth, is beginning to shows signs of arthritis, and has a rather large wart/bengin tumor on her face, but otherwise she is all good. Still cracking Max and me up. Last night she was freaking otu because we were shouting and all nervous during the Wings came. She definitely picks up on nervous energy and just kept jumping on and off the couch, trying to climb into Max's lap (he was definitely more nervous...)

Anyway, hopefully i can get back into blogging. And back into exercising. And back into not eating four slices of pizza and a burger in the same day. Sigh.