Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A.F. ("After Forrest")

Ah, poor bloggie. I really have missed blogging and have so much inane drivel to talk about (e.g., "hmmm...would Pig like a memory foam mattress?"), yet so little time to actually post...

The latest and greatest news is that Max's little brother Forrest has moved out to LA. The floor above my office is owned by a video game company and filled with hundreds of lil unwashed 20 something boy video game testers. About six weeks ago, I overhead a few of them mention that they were on a hiring spree, ready to take in any one willing to ruin their eyesight playing video games for about 15 hours straight. And lo behold, Forrest was willing. So he packed up his bags, got on a plane, and moved onto our couch. And yeah, he got the job.

So now I have a carpooler! We drive together, since he doesn't have a car or a license (long story for another day). It's been pretty fun so far. Makes the drive go by much quicker. I think he is apprehensive of my my whole putting-on-make-up-while-driving routine but has kept mum about it. He does the dishes and walks Pig here and there. Most of them time, he just works or watches very boy-ish shows like "Attack of the Show" (some show on some video game network???).

I think he's really been enjoying himself. Here are some things he (we) have been up to.

Forrest's First Week/Weekend:

Max picked up Forrest from the airport on a Weds and went to Santa Monica for some sight seeing. They immediately picked up some jay walking tickets crossing the street at $125 a piece. Yikes. That night we went to the Rainbow Bar, which is this super 80's bar/restaurant filled with old aging rockers. I can't remember what we did Thursday - I think Forrest amused himself by going to see Hulk while Max and I were at work (he haddn't started yet) At night we walked up to Red Rock for a couple drinks. That Friday (?) I think we went over to Jason's house to hang out. It was pretty tame all and all, but nice nonetheless. On Sat, we went to see Get Smart (not so good)at the Grove, and had dinner at Marmalade Cafe (also not so good).

Forrest's Second Weekend

I think this was July 4th weekend where we went to Erin's July 4th/Birthday party. It was pretty awesome. Her friends threw the party and they had this great backyard area all lit up with tiki torches. Really fun night. I made off with a bag of Jessie's famous green beans (also another long story).

Forrest's Third Weekend

Hmm. Drawing a blank on what we did that Friday night, but I remember Sat night was Lisa's bday party at the Speakeasy. The Speakeasy is this divey karaoke bar that looks like someone's rec room with wood paneled wall and dingy booths. It was super fun - we all karaoked (some worse than others...okay, it was me) and ended up at Taco Bell at 2 a.m. Yep, we had a fourth meal.

The next day, we took Forrest to dim sum, which he really enjoyed. I wanted to order him jelly fish and all sorts of weird things, but the problem is, once you order it, the whole table is stuck a.) paying for it and b.) eating it.

That afternoon we over to Tyler's place to play a super fun game of modified poker called Pineapple Poker. Very fun and different - you start out with three hole cards and discard one after the flop. Max came in second - whoohoo!

Forrest's fourth weekend(last weekend)

Friday night, Max and I went over to Amol's new place for Black Jack night (I lost $30, Max won $34, but spotted me the $30, so basically he won $4). Forrest went out to the Key Club to check out this local band called Powder with some new friends from work. I think he had a really really good time - he proclaimed it the best show he's ever seen. Sat night we went to Rebecca's (aka Lypstyck Girl) going away party. She's moving back to MI to be with her long-distance man. Argh, all my girlfriend's are moving away...first Kate to San Francisco; then Rebecca to Michigan; and I just found out Julia is moving to Amsterdam for a few months to be with her new man. ARE THERE NO MEN IN LA???

Anyway, Project Runway is on now. More later. (hopefully)