Monday, February 18, 2008

Poor Poor Neglected Bloggie

Ugh. Have been hopelessly busy with work lately - grrrr. Wish I could rant about the job here but that just does not seem like a good idea. When I'm not at the office, working from home, or thinking about work, I am trying to recover and destress from being at the office, working from home or thinking about work. So basically everything's gone to hell in a handbasket - the apartment is disgusting, Pig needs a bath, I haven't shaved my legs since November, and the only time this month that Max and I had a proper dinner together was on Valentine's day. Which was nice and lovely. Maybe we'll get to spend July 4th together as well.

Anyway, moving on from my whinging....I can't figure out why I had a dream I was dating Jay Leno. Jay Leno? Really? I don't think so...

Have been dutifully going to the trainer and am pleased to say I have two "baby guns." Well, they're more like tiny derringers. I like to whip them out, and demand that everyone feel them. My friends have kindly been humoring me by gently squeezing and looking dutifully impressed. They will all make wonderful parents one day - they've really perfected that "Wow, honey, you made this? Oooh it's beautiful - let's hang it up on the fridge" look.

Am getting ready for my big BIG BIG girl's VEGAS trip this weekend!! It will be so awesome!! I am so so so so so excited!! No really I AM SO EXCITED!! It will be glorious - 13 drunk girls, all in their late 20's, early 30's, desperately clinging to their youth in their Forever 21 hootchie tops. I've learned all these new casino table games I want to try out and I even finally took the time to learn the odds and payouts in craps. I'm hitting the gym extra hard this week so I can binge at the Bellagio Buffet like a man just released from prison. I've even picked out a new "buffet outfit" - a nice very loose and comfy top with a pair of sweats. Everything's all planned - we've booked a limo to pick us up at the airport, we have our hotel rooms, Rebecca's even made a logo for us and we've all ordered t-shirts and buttons and stuff with our logo - it will be like a crazy bachelorette party, strippers and all, but just without a wedding to follow.

It. will. be. GLORIOUS.