Friday, September 29, 2006

Ugly Betty

Luuuuuuuurved it. Even Max agreed it's good!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Happy Birthday!

To My Aunt Marilyn (Boris' Mom!)!!

Also, this is belated but Happy Anniversary/Birthday to my blog! I started it two years ago on 9/9/04.

632 posts about utter drivel.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006


So I had this dream last night, which I relayed to Max, thinking it was just a funny random dream, when he pointed out to me that it was actually quite symbolic.

In it, I have to buy pantyhose because I have an upcoming job interview, and I have to wear pantyhose to it. On my way to the mall, I stop at a McDonald's - but it's not really a McDonald's, it's a McFuddle. I order what must be my usual (I didn't have to look at the menu, it was just what I wanted) - some sort of breakfast sandwich (i think it was called a double morning surprise), - but they don't seem to have it, or they give me the wrong one, and instead I open the wrapper to find it's a breakfast sandwich mini sampler. Which is awesome - five little mini breakfast sandwiches - all different - but it also has a mini double morning surprise. Despite the fact that I like the mini sampler, I still want my double morning surprise, so I go back to the counter and explain that what i wanted was a big version of the mini double morning surprise, and then the woman behind the counter hands one to me and apologizes and says it's not on the regular menu, but it was a Project Runway limited special that they offered at some other places, but they've accommodated and made me one. Now that I have all this food, I spot a homeless woman and I feel guilty and I give her some of my food.

Problem is, I don't remember if I gave her my double morning surprise, or my samplers.

And why is this significant? Well, I've been having a midlife (or maybe 3/8 life) crisis lately, pertaining to career and work. I'm at a crossroads - I could continue to do what I do now, or find something different. Problem is, there are so many choices should I chose to find something different (hence the mini breakfast sampler, I think). And I think the double morning surprise probably represents what I have now. And the homeless woman - well - I think I was feeling guilty because as my dad pointed out in a conversation I had with him yestereday, I've been living like a "retiree" these last several months. I really don't do anything at all - if you guys knew the extent of my rut, of how I'm letting life pass by while I play countless hours of poker and watch continuous episodes of BBC shows, you'd probably be horrified. And I should do something - I should make a choice and do something.

I just really wish I remembered which sandwich I gave the homeless woman.

Oh, and the best part, obviously, is the name of the restaurant - McFuddle. I was pretty sure I knew the meaning of "fuddle" but I looked it up just to confirm, and I was right.

fud·dle (fŭd'l)
v., -dled, -dling, -dles.

1.To put into a state of confusion; befuddle. See synonyms at confuse.
2.To make drunk; intoxicate.

To drink; tipple.

A state of confusion or intoxication.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Pig Pics

"Mom, leave me and my toys alone. I'm sleeping!"

"Why is this happening?"

"I feel stupid."

Friday, September 08, 2006

Thank You Poker Gods

So last night Tyler invited me to a poker game, hosted by British Luke, a guy who I'd played against a couple times at Tyler's house. Since I had nothing to do last night, and British Luke lives literally a block away from my apartment, and I love playing poker, I accepted the invite. And boy was I glad I did!

First off, the buy in was $20, which is twice as much as what I usually play, so the pot was huge - eight of us - first place takes $140, 2nd place gets $20 back. Everyone was pretty nice, but they were all guys (except one other girl) and were all young confident Hollywood execs, and so truthfully, I was a bit intimidated. Luckily, the poker gods were loving me last night.

My first four hands were as follows:

1.) I caught a very low flush in my first hand, but no one else had anything significant so I won the pot
2.) Pocket Kings - I open with a big bet, another guy calls, a 3rd guy goes all in with KJ suited, the very inexperienced girl calls the all-in with a pair of fives, and I of course call the all-in (worried b/c there seemed a good chance that someone could have pocket Aces, but since I had amassed a lead, I figured I could afford it - was I relieved when I saw everyone else's hands!)- and I knocked two players out.
3.) AK - off suit. One guy raised, and I put him all in, and we tied - turns out he had AK too so we split the pot.
4.) AK - suited hearts - Another guy raised, I put him all in, and he just couldn't believe that I could have another gigantic big hand (neither could I frankly), and he called with AJ off suit, and I took him out!

F#&*$ing luckiest night of my life!!!

The best part of it too was there was a PROFESSIONAL POKER PLAYER there! He was from Ireland (unfortunately he never watched Ballykissangel so we really couldn't discuss it - but he did tell me his parents were huge fans of the show - haha) and was traveling around the world a year, living off of the tens of thousands of dollars he'd won playing poker professionally.

At the end, it was just the two of us playing heads-up with about even money and I won!!! I beat a professional poker player!! Whoo hoo!!

And I won $140!!! Time to go shopping!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


So this is weird. I missed two calls from the above number today. I didn't hear the ring, I guess, which was a bit strange since I was right by the phone the whole time. Anyway, I decided to google the number to see if I could figure out who called me and I found this link:


Bizarre. Has this happened to anyone else?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Weekend Recap

Ahh Labor Day weekend.

I spent Friday night playing poker online and getting into fights with other players in the chatroom. There are a lot of homophobic and racist assholes playing online poker on a Friday night. It's funny because despite the fact that my poker player icon is a picture of a dalmatian wearing red reindeer ears, other players ALWAYS assume I'm a guy. And sometimes they think I'm a Middle Eastern guy because I go by "Sareet" which seems Middle Eastern I guess. And because they think I'm a guy, inevitably the insult to me is that I'm gay. Why is it "gayness" the ultimate insult among men? And because they think I'm Middle Eastern, I get a whole slew of racist remarks. There are some really terrible people out there.

Anyway, Saturday we had people over for the first Michigan game. Max was so excited about watching college football that he woke up at 6 a.m. Like a little kid on Christmas Day. We served Popeye's chicken and waffles a la Roscoes (this LA restaurant that is famous for its chicken and waffles, and long wait in line to get in). People stayed around all day watching football and drinking beer. I took a break from the constant football watching and caught up on my Ballykissangel DVDS. Now, I'm not going to spoil it for anyone here, but that series takes a dramatic turn in the Season 3 and I DIDN'T LIKE IT AT ALL. Booo Ballykissangel. Boooo. Boooo for totally breaking my heart and leaving me bawling for much of the rest of the day.

Sunday was a very laid back day. Max and I hung around the apartment and just watched tv and relaxed. I cleaned the apartment and took some naps (note the word is plural), and then at around 7ish we went to Souplantation. I haven't been there in so long - I forgot how much I love that place! Not as much as Old Country Buffet, but it's still pretty good.

I woke up restless on Monday. Hadn't left the apartment but for briefly the night before, and I needed TO DO SOMETHING. I sent out an email to bunch of girlfriends to see if anyone would be up for going outlet mall shopping. I had decided it was time to stop torturing myself with too-tight jeans/pants, and I was just going to have buy some new ones that fit better TEMPORARILY, until I can get back into my smaller clothes. No one could go at first, and just when I'd given up all hope and accepted that I'd eventually get checked into the hospital and discover that I'd incurred internal organ damage from constantly wearing pants too tight around the waist, Lypstykgirl called and came to my rescue. She was up for outlet mall shopping! Yay! She ended up buying two cute dresses from Bebe and I got one gray one from a random store. It's very loose and comfy and I think it's the type you can wear over leggings, if you choose to buy into the new fashion craze. I am loath to start wearing leggings, but I may just give into the trends and try to pull it off.

After outlet mall shopping, I headed to AD's where Thode was throwing a Sloppy Joe Night party. She cooked 5 POUNDS of sloppy joe's, and it was awesome. We sat around hanging out, and it really started feeling like a Saturday night, rather than a Monday night.

But it was a Monday night, so we left around eleven, and headed back home. And that was my Labor Day weekend!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pig Watches a Scary Movie and Eats a Fortune Cookie

Because I can't stop taping her....