Friday, July 28, 2006


So first off, let me just say that those old ladies in Aqua Fitness are TOUGH. I totally thought it would be a ridiculously easy class but it was actually fairly challenging. You do all these exercises with these plastic weights that are really light in the air, but take a bit of muscle strength to move in the water. My upper body was pretty sore afterwards. The lower body - not so much, but maybe that's because we were standing in the shallow end of the pool in about 3 1/2 feet of water. Next time, I'm definitely heading towards the deeper end.

Tomorrow I'll be participating in Habitat for Humanity. Benjamin, whose done it tons of time all over the world, organized it and we'll be working on a house in Glendale. I'm hoping it will be fun...and hoping that I don't hurt myself. And hoping the port-a-potty on site will not be too gross. Or that I will morph into a camel and won't have to use it.

Ever since I dug out my grandma's measuring tape on Sunday and measured the muffin top, I've been really good about working out. Am quite pleased with myself, although have not seen any results yet. Maybe should stop measuring myself with a measuring tape twice a day. Anyway, I ran (as in moved faster than walking, although I'm still quite slow) three miles on Monday, ran two miles and weight lifted on Tuesday, did yoga and step aerobics on Wednesday, and did aqua fitness yesterday. Today I plan on resting, since I don't want to be too sore tomorrow when I have to do hard labor. I'm trying to bear in mind what I read about working out - that after the first month you'll *feel* the difference in your body, after the second month you'll *see* the difference, and after the third month, other people will see the difference. Which explains why I never really get anywhere - I usually get frustrated and stop after about three weeks.

Anyway, on a completely unrelated topic, Pig ate a butterfly today. Like mother, like daughter. I once nearly ate a moth years ago. I was sitting outdoors watching my brother play some game - soccer maybe - when a moth flew in my mouth. It flew in my mouth because my mouth was just hanging open, as it often is when I don't remember to shut it. It actually is a family trait. You should see us when sit around to watch a movie. Mouths hanging open everywhere. Anyway, moth flew in, I clamped my mouth shut immediately, using my tongue to press it up against the roof of mouth. It was horrifying - it kept fluttering in there until I just sort of pushed it out with my tongue and grabbed it with my fingers and set it free. Anyway, Pig and I were walking today when a pretty little butterfly flew by us. I was admiring it when the next thing I knew, Pig jumped at it. And ate it. So, not quite like me, but pretty close.

Anyway, blah blah. Time to play some online poker.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Katherine & Martine

I always thought Katherine McPhee looked like someone else but I couldn't place it for the longest time. Then, the other day, it just popped in my head. I think she totally looks like Hugh Grant's love interest in Love Actually. Anyone else think they look EXACTLY alike?

Aqua Fit and Activia

Went over to Kate & Plumb's place last night to watch Project Runway. Why is Angela still on the show???? If you're watching, you know what I'm talking about. Apart from seeing far too much of Angela, I had a good time. Jessie made these awesome honeydew mojitos and Kate made these fancy breadsticks. Yum. They were both totally worth negating all the calories I burned from my step aerobics class.

Speaking of aerobics, I'm going to Aqua Fit tonight with Jen and Rebecca. I think we're collectively younger than the average Aqua Fitter, but I'm looking forward to it.

Has anyone tried Activia? I bought it because the commercial makes it sound like it solves all tummy problems, but then when I read about it on the website it says it "helps regulate your digestive system by helping reduce long intestinal TRANSIT time." I don't really know what this means - that you poop faster? More frequently? I'm just confused by why one would want to reduce their long intestinal transit time. I will say that the vanilla flavor tastes good though.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Weekend Recap

Super long weekend. Actually not so much a long weekend as much as a straight up mini-vacation. Flew up to San Francisco on Wednesday night and got back last night. It was strange to fly there. I've driven up ever since I got Pig, but since she had to stay home and gas is so expensive, I decided to fly instead. And, it was quite nice actually. Had a glass of wine and a big bowl of chili cheese fries at the airport bar, and within a few hours, arrived in SF - bloated, two lbs heavier and about $20 poorer. Damn those airport bars!

Of course the best part of my trip was hanging my relatives. My mom and sister flew in from Detroit, and my Aunt Christina and her son - my cousin Anders - flew in from Hong Kong. I got to see my brother, and his new swanky apartment, which totally made me want to move there. Also hung out with the SF Trio of Aunts - Laura, Marilyn, and Jo. The Chinese Costanzas were in fine form - the usual bickering and nonsense but nothing extraordinary. Perhaps extraordinary by normal people's standards but certainly not by Chinese Costanza stardard.

My days were broke down mostly like this. Actually, "mostly" is not the right word. They were in fact, spent EXACTLY as follows:

9 hours sleeping - not including napping
7 hours eating (breakfast, lunch, midafternoon tea, dinner, evening snack)
1.5 hours shopping
1.5 hours listening to Chinese Costanzas bicker and everyone trying to make plans/deciding on restaurants/figuring out driving arrangements/fighting over whose turn it is to pay for the meal
1.5 hours napping
.5 hours staring off into space day dreaming while being driven around
3 hours on the computer - either internet surfing, playing poker, or watching Netflix dvds

I felt like a Lady of Leisure, which is what I've always aspired to be. A Fat Lady of Leisure with her own personal chef, housekeeper, and chauffer. Very relaxing and laid back and I got to do some of favorite things - sleeping, eating, and playing poker!

And, did I mention there was AIR CONDITIONING!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

In Loving Memory of Tigger

I found out yesterday that my dad's dog Tigger died last week. He was about 12 years old and super cute - part chow, part german shepherd part super furry brown bear. He had spent several early years of his life in a kennel thanks to a rescue group who saved him from the pound and was a bit of a grumpy dog until he really mellowed out in his later years. If he liked you, he'd "give you his butt" which meant that if you started petting him on his head and he liked you, he'd turn around and ask you to pet his lower back/butt area. We thought this meant he trusted you. He loved to go out to the backyard, and then back in, and then out again, and then back in again...sometimes I think he did it just to drive whoever was sitting by the screen door crazy! One of the main reasons I got Pig was because of Tigger, so she really should thank him for that. I had always vaguely wanted a dog, but it wasn't until I was home for a long visit and really hung out with him and my dad's other dog Happy, that I realized how rewarding and fun it is to have one. I had also decided to go through a rescue group specifically because of him as well.

So, give your pet (or someone else's pet) a big hug and a piece of cheese (Tigger's favorite snack) on behalf of Tigger today. Despite the fact that they can drive us crazy and break our wallets, they really are great companions and the time that we have with them is just never enough.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekend Recap

Really hot weekend. I have no idea how Max stands being in that apartment day after day in the boiling heat. Ugh. Unbearable. I spent as much time as possible locked in the bedroom with the airconditioning on and a container of ice cream. So not only did I not burn any calories, having not moved the whole weekend, I actually added to the burgeoning muffin top by consuming lots of ice cream. Am seeing my family this weekend so I surely will be made fun of for being so out of shape. Worst of all, this is all last minute so I have no time to slim down because I actually leave for San Francisco Wednesday night. Short of not eating for two days, I'm out of luck. And, I can't go two hours without eating so that's not happening.

Anyway, lovely weekend all and all. On Friday night, we went to a bar called The Belmont for Lisa's bday. Cool place, would definitely go again. I very nearily didn't go on account of the giant barnacle zit on my chin. Really, I have wrinkles. I shouldn't have acne. It's just not fair to have both. Anyway, I figured the bar would be pretty dimly lit, which it was so I don't think it was too noticeable. Of course I couldn't escape the glaring lights at Amol's apartment Sat night. We had all gathered to play poker, which was really fun. Good sized game and probably our first in months. Anyway, I had been playing some of the best poker I've played in a while, but then went out very quickly due to a bad hand. I'm embarassed to say I was not particularly gracious about how I went out (I am REALLY tempted to write out exactly how this one hand killed me...but I won't...but really it was so unfair...but I'm over it...) but it was really fun nonetheless. Of course woke up feeling shameful about being such a bad sport and a hideous looking one at that. But discovered the remedy to feeling bad about poor behavior and barnacle on face is to watch about 15 hours of tv so then instead you feel bad about being a sloth and vow to start a new life the next day. Eat healthy, drink enough water, exercise me and the dogs, take my vitamins, etc.

Which leads us to today. Monday. First day of my new life. Set my alarm to go to the gym. Ignored it and overslept. Meant to walk the dogs in the morning but it got too hot. Besides I thought it'd be better to wait and spend the time alloted to dog walking to instead download some new music into the Ipod as new music would be more motivating. Put on the only reasonabley clean outfit that fit and thought I looked rather cute, zit and all, but then spilled coffee all over it right before I walked out the door. Boo. Decided to get the chicken pesto panini for lunch rather than a healthy salad because today's really a lost cause and I think tomorrow will just have to be the first day of my new life. ;) So. Tomorrow - eat healthy, drink enough water, exercise me and the dogs, take my vitamins, etc....

Friday, July 14, 2006

I Have...

...an apartment that reeks of piss and a zit the size of my thumb on my chin. Whyeeeeeeee? Whyeeeee meeeeeeee???

The vet called and said Pig's culture came back and she definitely has a UTI. I pretty much knew that. While she is not taking full potty breaks on my carpet (I cannot find any spots on it - you would not want to know how much time I've spent with my nose in the carpet sniffing to see if I can figure out where to clean), I think she's been dribbling. And what dribbles out is so concentrated that it smells the equivalent of a gigantic puddle. Gross. And I had just cleaned the carpet two weekends ago! Max and I have already agreed that we'll have to get a professional to come out and really take care of the carpets once Pig's UTI gets cleared up. Vet says she has two weeks of antibiotics to take.

I suppose if I were to look on the bright side of things, I should be glad that it's Friday and that I don't dribble when I get a UTI.

But I don't want to look on the bright side of things. My apartment smells revolting and my zit casts a shadow on the rest of my face.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Please Excuse My Boredom

Out of curiousity, if you're in the bathroom and someone knocks on the door, what do you say? Because I always say "Someone's in here!!!" which is kind of funny. "Somone" as in "me." I've also heard "Just a sec!" which seems better than "Someone's in here!!!"

Anyway, ignore the question if you want. But please post your answer if you're as bored as me.

Hump Day

My apartment smells like piss. Between Max, Pig and Punk, someone's got some 'splaining to do.

Went to Formosa and then Yukon Mining Company with the "girls" (Kate, Andrea, and Jessie) last night. Fun fun. Had the "trout almondine." I think I might be the only person crazy enough to order "trout almondine" at a diner. It was excellent. I also once ordered a Soft Shell Crab Sandwich at a Hamburger Hamlet. It was excellent. Ironically, it was Max and Aaron who got food poisoning from their burgers.

Project Runway starts tonight! I can't wait. My theory on who gets kicked off in the first episode? Drugged out model. We'll see if I'm right.

Bored at work. Very very bored. Maybe will have to play a game of poker online.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Tomkat and Suri

Am I the only one who thinks there was a mix-up in the sperm bank and Katie Holmes got turkey basted with some non-Cruise specimen and now has half African American baby, thus explaining why there have been no Suri sightings?

Pig and Her UTI

So Pig either has a urinary tract infection, or possibly gall bladder stones. She is getting an ultrasound as I type this. Feel really bad for her - she had to pee (pee as in trickle two drops - ladies, you know what I'm talking about) every twenty minutes yesterday and spent much of the night whimpering. I contemplated giving her cranberry juice but decided against it as have no idea whether or not that would pose a problem for her delicate gastrointestinal system. Sigh.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Weekend Recap

Weekend is not quite over yet, but I don't foresee anything exciting happening today. So far I've napped on the couch and watched the end of the World Cup Finals. We were rooting for the Italians, since Max's brother-in-law is from Italy. I always feel so bad for the goalies during those overtime shoot-outs. So much pressure. It seems unfair somehow that after playing for two hours, the outcome of the game rests solely in their hands.

Had a very motivating talk with my dad the other day about how I should use my downtime for to work towards some achievement - spiritual, mental, physical...something like that. I'm as spiritual as a can opener, so maybe I will try to start working on my old lady mystery idea again. And maybe go to the gym. Maybe. Of course, rewatching the last season of Project Runway is also mentally stimulating - somewhat like watching a documentary on modern art so maybe I will do that instead.

Highlight of the weekend was definitely the School Dance on Friday, which was so much fun. I found a skirt that passed for a school girl skirt at Forever 21 and managed to get out of the store without buying anything but the skirt. Which was a first for me as I inevitably leave with at least a tank top (basic necessity - should have one in every color of the rainbow) and a junky plastic accessory (also necessity since accessories are an inexpensive way to trendify existing closet of hated old clothes).

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite pics from Friday night:

I think this was supposed to be Teacher Josh admonishing Naughty Student Courtney.

Max, Josh, Courtney, and Jeffrey

Me and Courtney

Me in glasses. Totally frightening that this is exactly what I looked like through most of my school years. No wonder no one wanted to go out with me.

Out of ten close-up pics of Max and me, taken by me, this is the only one where neither of us look too god awful.

Benjamin showing off his moves.

Courtney and Jason - I love the expression on both their faces.

Anyway, it was super fun. Josh took a bunch of pics so I will post the best of those when he shares them with us.

Last night we went and saw a late screening of Pirates of the Carribean. While I love me some Pirate Johnny Depp in eyeliner (arrrgggg!), I wasn't too crazy about the movie. I thought the first one was great but this second one is just way too long. Plus, maybe seeing a 10:45 p.m. did not help - kept getting sleepy the whole time even while pirates were swashbuckling around.

Blah blah. Off to take a walk with Pig and Punk, who is visiting. Seems like I should at least do something today.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Sometimes I Make Myself Laugh

Just discovered on imdb.com that Heath Ledger's sidekick in Casanova is not "Loop hole," but rather, "Lupo."

Makes so much more sense. I was wondering why he kept calling him "Loop hole."

School Dance Friday

So tonight, there is a party at a club where the theme is School Dance. Everyone HAS to be in costume which means for girls - plaid skirts, and knee socks and for guys - button down shirts and ties. We went to one a few years ago and had an awesome time. I have to go find a skirt today. Last time I borrowed one of Lypstykgirl's, but I don't think she's going this time, so I'm on my own. Where the hell do you find a plaid skirt in LA this time of the year??

Here's a pic from last time. I'm posting one of me from behind because it's sort of breaking my heart how much my face has aged in just two years. Plus I look real sloshy in all of them. ;)

Anyway, this whole three day work week has been great. The office has been super slow, since plenty of people are still on vacation. I randomly applied for a job as an assistant jewelry buyer for a large jewelry chain specializing in diamonds - how fun would that be!! Of course, I'd probably blow my salary on buying stuff for myself so maybe that's not a good idea. I don't have any real qualifications although I pointed out in my cover letter that I knew the "4 C's" (cut, color, clarity, carats) before I knew the multiplication table.

I've discovered that trying to go to the gym while re-reading the two Bridget Jones books is completely pointless. All I want to do is to drink wine and eat Milk Trays, and I don't even know what those are.

I don't think I've mentioned it but I watched Pride & Prejudice last weekend, which is what prompted the rereading of the Bridget Jones books - also saw Devil Wears Prada so that had something to do with it too. It's awesome. Now, I'm a huge fan of the book and the BBC version and of Colin Firth and of Colin Firth and did I mention of Colin Firth but I really liked Matthew Macfadyen's Mr. Darcy too. I actually *had* to rewatch the scene where Mr. Darcy gives the whole "You've bewitched me body and soul..." speech several times in a row before being able to continue with the movie. I could listen to him say the three "I love you's" all day long. The "I love...love....love you" is just ridiculously delicious. Especially the last "love" where his voice almost breaks and he chokes up. Hmm. Wonder if I can get that as a ring tone. It's time to replace the Golden Girls theme song anyway.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hump Day but Short Week

Went to a bbq party yesterday to celebrate the fourth. Had a great time as usual. Why is grilled meat sooooo good? I think I might have to grill another steak today.

Anyway, before I left for the bbq, I had tried to make the apartment as Pig-during-fireworks-friendly as possible - closed the windows, closed the curtains, turned on all the lights, turned on the AC, turned on the tv in the living room and the bedroom...but when I got back it was all too evident that Pig had indeed freaked out over the fireworks and had been trampling and hiding in the closet. The doors were all ajar and shoes were spilled out everywhere. And she also broke my shoe rack. Poor Pig.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Half way through my 4 day weekend

I'm laying on the couch in the sweltering heat, trying not move so as not to expend any energy which would make me feel even hotter, cursing the fact that I don't have airconditioning, and feeling like things could not get any worse, when they do.

Pig starts farting. And continues to fart. I've counted eight so far.

For the love of god, she eats the same food every day! Why must she have a gas problem today!!!

Anyway, I'm about halfway through my four day weekend. It's been pretty laidback so far. I left work early on Friday, cleaned the bathtub and then just laidd around until I got sleepy at midnight.

Yesterday, on the hottest day of the year, I decided to steam clean the carpet with my little bissel steam cleaner. That took FOREVER. Seriously - hours. In case anyone remotely wants carpet cleaning tips, I will say that by far the best product is the Nature's Miracle stuff for pet stains and ordors. It doesn't say on the back of the bottle that it can be used in a carpet cleaner machine, but it works great in mine. Only drawback is that it's a bit costly, because you really can't dilute it. Second best thing is regular carpet cleaning detergent, which I turned to when I ran out of NM. And thirdly, a solution of vinegar and hot water, which I turned to when I ran out of the regular carpet cleaning detergent.

After I cleaned the rest of the apartment, I got a call and it seemed some people wanted to come over to bbq and preparty, before going to Tony and Natalie's party. Which I said was fine provided everyone taking their #$*%&ing shoes off! Which they did so that was nice. Josh, Courtney, Benjamin, and Jason came over with food and drinks. We had burgers, sweet corn, and I made Andrea's margarita melon salad which turned out great. At around 10:30 p.m., we headed over to Tony and Natalie's new gorgeous apartment. I totally wish we lived in a place like that - high vaulted ceilings, nice views, two spacious bedrooms and lots of closet space. Max and I have talked about moving into a bigger apartment but that probably won't happen since the place we have now is so convenient for me in terms of the commute to work. And, it's only a one bedroom so the rent is very affordable between the two of us.

Anyway, the party was really fun. As usual, I took a bunch of pics. Quite accidentally we discovered that if everyone looks in random directions, the pics come out quite funny. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the night:

Before everyone called it a night, we made last minute plans to go to Din Tai Fung this morning. Courntey had been wanting to try their "soupy dumplings" for months and I was glad to find people willing to wait with me for a table. We had to wait for an hour in the sweltering heat but it was worth it! I love that place. Yum!