Thursday, October 18, 2007


You know it's been too long since you've been to the gym when....

1.) You can't open ANYTHING with a lid or a cap - pickle jars, ketchup bottles, tubes of toothpaste, etc - and you find yourself constantly accusing your boyfriend of overtightening things.

2.) Your arms get tired from SHAMPOOING YOUR OWN HAIR.

3.) Laundry is so so so HEAVY.

4.) You think to yourself while you're walking up to your second floor apartment, "%*#$! Definitely need to (huff) get an apartment (huff) on the ground floor next time..."

5.) Nothing fits you at all, except for a pair of sweatpants. Which you convince yourself are considered "business casual" since they're black.

6.) You've completely forgotten the combination of your gym lock.

7.) You know that if you were to play Connect-the-Dimples, the backs of your thighs would look like Jackson Pollock paintings. (sadly no one in my family knows what I'm talking about - apparently everyone is blissfully cellulite-free - damn where was I when they were handing out those genes?)

Oh, and for the doggie owners, you know it's time put your dog on a diet when...

she gets stuck between the two front seats while crawling from the front of the car to the back!

Man, Pig and I are a mess.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Hawaii Recap - Day 4

The last day. Sigh. Our flight was at 1 p.m., so we didn't really have much time to do anything. In theory, we could have gone up Diamondhead (the big volcanic cone) or to Pearl Harbor, but we really didn't feel like doing either. Yes, we are bad Americans. Instead we contemplated ordering room service and watching the first few Sunday football games, but finally settled on going downstairs to Duke's for the breakfast buffet, which basically had the same food as the room service, but at a much better price. Afterwards, we decided just to enjoy the last few hours of true relaxation and just hung out on the balcony.

Look at these pics! Can you blame us for being bad Americans???

"Whaddya mean 'We have to leave now'????"

So that was that. Packed up, checked out, dropped off the car, and before we knew it, we were back in LA. Back to the grind of work (or finding work), traffic jams, pollution, and generally suckery. Only consolation was Pig, and my vow to go to Hawaii again soon.